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no change at all

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Marso 10, 2006

6:30 am

He didn’t see the change he was expecting yesterday. He became more peculiar than ever but that okay for him. After his classes yesterday, he held a practice for the One-Act Play they are going to present on Monday. He got a hard time directing his groupmates. It was really hard for him to manage them but he enjoys it.

* * *

6:30 pm

He had a hard time earlier in school. He ran 1.4 km around the oval. He’s head is aching because of the one-act play thing. He can’t understand the lesson in Math. He has an awful lot of things to do. He’ll die someday.

* * *

7:05 pm

He wants to be free now.

* * *

11:15 pm

The most impeccable thing he think he should do is to blog right now. He has been in front of a computer for straight five hours. His fingers are shivering right now because of overuse. His body is still exhausted due to the busy day.

Lately, he has been reading somebody else’s blog and wondered why people tend to be insecured with life. Just like him, he fears death. Not because of the pain he’ll face but the pain he’ll wound others. Another thing is that, everytime he had the chance to read wonderful blogs, he becomes more motivated on doing this kind of writing.

It’s too late yet he is still up. It seems like he is no longer tired yet deep inside it is very evident that he already wants to sleep. Blogging impedes what he ought to do but still he goes on.He thanks God it’s Friday tomorrow.

What else can he say?

Things are tightening up at his school. He has awfully a lot of things to start, to do, and to finish. He needs to rest for he is totally exhausted prior to running. He was the third fastest person on the class. Whew!

He needs to rest. But still he needs to read blogs.

His eyes are puffing off already. He wants to have a tiring sleep–the oxymoron effect of having frustrated throughout the day. Love? Still lingering in his life but still confused. He misses someone miles away from him. He misses someone. How he wish this someone to be in his arms. How he wish this someone to be so close to him that no one could ever separate them.

He’s going back to what he was before? Or is he going back to the one he used to be? He came up across his blog and found some typographical errors. He doesn’t care about it as long as readers could understand him. He already wants to rest and couldn’t say another thing anymore.He wants to thank everyone for being there for him. He wants to acknowledge his deepest gratitude to the people who was and will be there on the times he’d stumbled and will be defeated.

So long and good night!


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