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7:30 pm | preparations for the one-act play

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Marso 12, 2006

He is still busy recording sounds to be used on the one-act play on Monday. He is experiencing a total difficulty since what he is doing is really hard. Earlier, he and his groupmates went to one’s house to practice. Until now, he is nervous to face Monday. One-act play is coming so fast. They have to present it for about 25 minutes. The sounds are not yet done. His brain is exploding. He doesn’t want to upset his classmates and his English teacher as well. He wants to exert all the efforts he can just to make their presentation great. Last time was Hamlet.. then Romeo and Juliet.. then here’s Sabina. By now, he had came up with several ideas like recording mixed music, using a small stair, using connected tables to form a high platform… He is hoping that everything will be successful. Last Friday, Group 1 and Group 2 presented Why Women Wash The Dishes and Cañao: The Wedding Dance respectively. On Monday, his group will present Sabina after Group 4’s The New Yorker in Tondo. He’s afraid to lose. His preparation is worth the trouble.


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