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1:00 am | torn between two lovers

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Marso 13, 2006

It’s really awkward, not embarrassing and requiring great tact or skill to resolve, but so difficult to accept because I have to move my life into an uncomfortable status. Let me have that phrase above. Torn between two lovers. Why should I have to be treated this way? The two of them are rattling me deep inside. Worse of this is that the two of them are best friends. The other girl wants to give up the feelings she has for me because she knows that her best friend has the same feeling also. But.. do they really have to call that love? Perhaps, it is just infatuation. I can’t even look at the keys I am striking. Maybe I can miss a single thing I have to tell. Why should the two of them regard me in such particular way in which I am being jagged. By now I am trying to as buoyant as how I should be yet the thought of the two of them is still clinging on me. Why should they care?

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