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1:10 pm | blame me for not being genuine

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Marso 13, 2006

I must admit, I treated you as a special friend of mine but.. Come to think of it. I knew you for three years yet you still don’t know me. I always try to phone you but I can’t reach you anyway. I am afraid to talk to you. I don’t know what would be your reaction. I am the person you knew. I am me. I am not him. Couldn’t you understand that? How will you understand if I am telling you the whole damn truth? It’s my fault. If I didn’t text you that night, nothing will bloom. If I stopped earlier, nothing will happen. You knew me as another person you know but I am that person. I want to tell you the whole truth.. that at first it was just tripping. I want to be your friend, still. But how am I going to be such a false friend? On your part, I am really appalled on the idea that you didn’t even questioned me if I am really that person. You kept thinking I am that person even though I can’t answer personal questions. Were you riding at my deed? You can punch me. Blame me. You should. Blame me because I fooled you. I introduced myself to you as a false persona. Blame me. I want to apologize. I want to phone you. I want to tell the whole darn truth. Then what? You’ll curse me? I know you will. After all, I am nothing since you really do not know me at all. I enjoyed your company even for just some times. Last time, I came across your pictures on the yearbook and your thoughts lingered. We even had the chance to be two feet away from each other when you went to the Guidance Office. I was shocked that time. And what if we bumped each other one time, what will I do? What if you go back to our school and we see each other again? Why should I be afraid? I shouldn’t be. You don’t know me but.. We’re friends in Friendster.. I really have to tell you the truth. Maybe after the school year. Maybe during vacation. I will store courage first.


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