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1:25 am | random salutes and fears

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Marso 14, 2006

Before going to sleep, I just want to congratulate Marky Cielo for being the Sole Survivor of StarStruck 3. He deserves it. Marky Cielo and Jackie Rice are the Male and Female Ultimate Survivors respectively. I got a hard time watching the show ’cause it’s too late already. They deserve it. All of them are talents of GMA from now on. I wonder who’ll beat the past products of the said reality-base artista search. Hmmm?

* * *

I just want to sleep. I still have no confidence needed on facing my classmates (and my English teacher) for later’s One-Act Play. I still need to memorize my lines. They are saying that we are going to take class pictures this afternoon (hopefully, during Physics). Well, how nice! Then, wah! I can’t say anything else than my nervousness. I have to be myself later. I wish.

* * *

I phoned him—the one I was referring on my Jan. 18 post.

Yes, I did. I was surprised that he was the one who picked up the phone. I didn’t talk much. Just said, “Ah, sige, bye!”.. Still have no courage to tell him the real me. Maybe if I am no longer busy. I’ll try to find a time telling him who I really am. Could it be like this:

“Hi.. hindi ako si JM… ako si Jonell.”



“Oo, hindi ako si JM. Kunwari lang, ako si Jm; naniwala ka naman.”

“Put*** i**!”

“Wag mo naman akong murahin. Hindi ko intensyong lokohin ka. Gusto lang kitang maging kaibigan.”

What the! I can’t say anything else. He’s bothering me. Chortles!

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