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1:00 am | notebook is a tad rubbish requirement

Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Marso 25, 2006

Needless to say, every person has his own ambition. More needless to say, the fifteen-year old Jonell has his desires, too. It’s hard for me to answer this simple question: What do you want to happen?

First, I want to finish this stupid and horrifying high school life wherein tons of sleepless nights were and will be spent just for rubbish stuffs. I want high school life to end quickly because I want to have the right kind of “education” to have the right kind of “discipline” and “knowledge”. I enjoy high school life, yes! I meet people. I encounter different unexpected situations. I face difficulties. Yet something must fill the emptiness inside me. Something different. Something that will accomodate the void. I can’t appreciate high school life. Blame me for having this kind of feeling! How can’t you take for granted the stupidest things your teachers would bestow?

The least thing I like among the requirements (the super ever rubbish requirements) is the notebook. What’s the essence of having a notebook if the students do not write the lesson as how it should be cited? “Ok, class, the submission of your notebook will be next week…” Ok, fine! The students will start to cram and borrow other’s notebook then photocopy it, then write it down. Presto! Alas! There goes your son-of-a-notebook! Let’s put it this way: the premise is the definition. Let us unbiasedly define “notebook”: a small book in which students usually write, containing blank or lined pages. Is my definition accurate enough to defend my stand? Blimey! There must be this kind of symposium among the teachers as well as the students to discuss the matter regarding the usage of notebooks. Notebooks are used to take down notes, right? It must not be used just for indication of efforts of students in concentrating in the certain subject. Have you ever encounter notebooks with so much design, graphics, fancy letterings and colorful writings? Are those notes? Notes are jotted summaries. A simple definition… So notebooks tend to contain jotted summaries, don’t they? But in the case of what is happening right now, teachers require notebooks just for…what…exhibition? The teacher will ask the student to finish their notebooks. They’ll cram copying other’s notes. Then you’ll find out that the one who copied one’s notes had a higher rating than the other because he had complied with the standards namely: pictures and illustrations, different colors of pen used in writing, myriad of doodles copied from the book. The thickest notebook wins! The notebook with the most number of illustration wins! Then what? What is the equivalent of the effort of copying the whole book as your notebook? Why submit the reference book, instead?Blimey! My head is aching ceaselessly thinking about this drivel matter. I have to go to bed now or else I would be gabbing here endlessly talking about the trashes on our school. Don’t worry, I’ll not bring the stinky stuffs. It’s very late. I have to take a rest. I have exams this morning so I have to rejuvenate my musing and restore my energy. So long and good morning!

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