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Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Marso 26, 2006

One week to go before the viciousness of high school life will pause for a while to give way to what people call “vacation”. Third year seems to be short. Parang kelan lang… as the maxim goes. Entering the gate to see inspective security guard. Never had the policy of No ID no entry. Proper uniform required. If ever you bring something like a player or a guitar inside the campus, you have to sign on the record book. What’s the purpose of that? The security guards were always being insouciance and I really can’t help it. If it is a Monday morning, then of course there would be a Monday Flag Raising Ceremony. If the classes are regular, I have to go to the Main Building, run some flights of stairs, go the Computer Lab at the Third Floor for my first class: Computer Education I. I remember the first day of classes. IR building was new to me as well as the ambience. The aged three-storey building became the foundation of my day-by-day quandary. And so I have to go our classroom in the second floor of the said building. MAPEH (Music, Arts, P.E., Health) III is my second class and we are having our class either in our classroom or in the Gym or in the Oval. After having my recess, I have to go to the Science Laboratory, third floor, for my Science III Chemistry class. Then, I have to return to IR. Research / Statistics is my next class followed by my Math class (Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry). Afterward, I have to spend my Lunch time eating inside the classroom. I never ate at the Canteen found in the first floor of the building. After that is my English III class. The next class is Physics I, which is held either in our classroom or in the second floor of the Science Lab. Social Studies III (World History) / Values Education III–every Wednesday–is next, then, the Elective. I singled out Journalism than Trigonometry. During the first semester, we often used the classroom of III-4, since they finish their class earlier than us. A complication intruded my flamboyancy in that subject that twisted my life! We had had Filipino Journalism instead. And so we have no classroom. We often stay in the library, in that corner of the library where Mr. Padalhin stays and makes his body rot. When he is not around, all we have to do is to gullivant and consider that class as a VACANT. Blimey! I have to talk about it next time. Then I have to go back to IR (the students who takes Trigonometry stay in the classroom) for my last class which is Filipino III. After class, if ever there is no meeting, practice, and the like, I usually go to Study Net and go surfing the net. Then I go home.

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