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12:53 pm | an idle hope of dreaming

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Marso 26, 2006

Right now, I am feeling having a forty winks. I don’t want to loathe sleeping in the afternoon. I haven’t done taking a nap for ages save the times I sleep during my Math class. What time did I sleep last night? 2 am? Jeez! Why do I always sleep awfully late? I spend so much of my time in front of this magical screen, thumping on the keyboard, musing scrutinies. By now, I am making clinches with a pillow for no definite reason at all. I am at a total zilch. I really want to sleep. I want to do what I wont to be doing when I was a child. I am feeling dizzy, not only because of my desire but because of the fact that it’s been ages since I left my PC. I feel like my eyes are soon to pop. Just want to puke, again, for no definite valid reason. I’m more of a drunken employee who had just been fired and is trying to resolve his life by drinking rums and vodka.

Yeah, it’s nice when you are on your bed, hugging your ever-flinched pillows, lying on a field of memories and starting to take flight to the flaky world of either lucid or horror-stricken dreams. It’s awful hot this time but I still want to go to that dreamworld wherein everything is possible. A magic world with hordes of knights errant and a myriad of exquisitely beautiful princesses.

How many times did you hear (from relatives, acquaintances and media) that dreams are the exact opposite of what will soon to come? Yet, have you ever had this kind of feeling that what you are experiencing right now already appeared once in your dream? Very odd, right. Peculiarity booming, fluttering unceasingly. And how many times did you noticed that you dreams of things that stimulated your mind before going to bed? There are different stimulators that cause what you are going to dream of. An average sleep consists of six to seven dreams in random advent. One might say after waking up that he didn’t dream anything–which means to say, coherently, that the dreamer just don’t remember what he dreamed of.

So, what’s the essence of dreams if we cannot remember them? Is there something atypical behind this phenomenon? Why do we have to dream? Perhaps, because during the time of our sleep, our mind, as to respect the job of the brain, still works 24/7 without stop (unless you die! Harharhar!). Though we are sleeping, our senses are still awake, as with our pumping heart. Our sense of smelling is still there–a fragrance of cologne can turn into a field of magnificent flowers in our dream. Our sense of touch is existing–the arm of the person with you in bed can turn into a revolver in your dream. Hearing is still present–a boisterous alarm clock not struck can turn out to be a ringing telephone in your dream. Of course, the sense of taste.. but then the only thing you can taste is the inside of your mouth.

Are these things considerable before sleeping? Maybe in my case since I want to sleep right now. Half an hour had passed the top of the hour.


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