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1:52 pm | from pancakes to souls

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Marso 27, 2006

I woke up frustrated with that noisy whacking of the hammer caused by the carpenter who was inside the room to fix the closet. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Anyways, it’s okay since I slept early–yes, early–last night. And it was still night, not some midnight. I was eating pandesal when my aunt came. She usually go here during the weekend to wash her laundries. Then she asked for breakfast. I hailed a tricycle to bring me to the the end of the street. The i walked some hundred meters to Jollibee. I bought pancakes and pies. My aunt asked me to buy that small cake in Goldilocks yet Rustan’s was not yet open that time. Instead of just two pancakes, I bought three–so that I’ll eat two! Four pies, a Coke, a Sarsi, and a hot chocolate. Going home, I rode a tricycle from there and paid fifteen bucks. On my way, a neighbor asked me, “Jonell, birthday mo ba?” I said nope. The he uttered “Nakakataba ‘yan kung puro na lang Jollibee!” I was about to react but my hungriness hindered me. I must have said “Dapat nga pong tumaba, e!” Then I ate, of course. Four pancakes, two glasses of cola, two peach mango pies. My tummy poofed. I just felt disdain for the carpenter in our house. I took a bath. It was a hot day, isn’t it? Then I felt like doing nothing after refreshing myself up, spending half an hour inside the bathroom. It was still hot in here. The carpenter left. I had to clean up his mess, those rubbish small pieces of woods. Yew! Then I found myself interested in arranging the piles of books above me right now: some antiquated. I arranged them alpabetically. I was quite crazy about the idea. I opened Excel to record the title, author, and pages of each novels. Then arranged it. About 70 novels. 60 to read! I am planning to read the 60 books during the vacation… if ever I would catch up the guts needed in doing so. I spent an hour doing the arranging thing. Then we had our lunch–my Lola, Tita, and I. But before that I bought a liter of cola, of course. It is still hot. My head was producing bits of perspirations. Not so much refreshments… Then Ate Lhea phoned us. They talked to us, catching things up. What’s doing right there in the US, what’s happening right here in Manila. You know, that kind of catching up. It’s been ages since I last talked to her. She talks too much. She always persuades me to be conventionally conversational. I always wanted to. Okay fine! ‘Atever!

I went upstairs and read some parts of the book Care for the Soul. Thomas Moore, its author, mentioned the word “soul” for a million times. Soul soul soul soul soul. I was irritated with this computer. Usually, I end up restarting it all over again, again and again coz the mouse, I mean, the cursor, is not moving. What’s the madness of this magical thing? I dunna. Even right now, I am typing my rambles of thoughts without the use of a mouse. I know later on it would function again. Okay. Back to what I have been saying, I was reading Care for the Soul. Specifically, I was reading (and reflecting) the thing about Narcissus and narcissism itself. Narcissus, you know, is that person who was cursed by Zeus because of loving his own reflection in the lake. He turned out to an admirable flower.

Narcissus was sixteen then and so lovely that many people are attracted to him; but he is filled with a “hard pride” and no one can truly get through to him. One nymph who falls in love with him, Echo, has her own peculiar qualities: she can only speak words and phrases she has just heard from someone else. One day Narcissus loses sight of his friends and cried out, “Is anyone here?”

“Here,” Echo answers.

“Let’s meet here,” Narcissus says.

“Meet here,” Echo responds. but when she approaches him, Narcissus backs away.

“I would die before I would give my power to you,” he says.

“I would give my power to you,” she says in her own way. In her grief, feeling rejected and frustrated, Echo then loses her body and becomes a mere voice.

(as told in the Metamorphoses of the Roman writer Ovid.)

So much so for these things, because I am talking to someone over the phone. So much impediments.


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