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4:08 pm | love is magical

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Marso 27, 2006

Many people mistakes the meaning of the word love. Prior to that, some words are being associated with love such as crush, passion, fondness, affection, and liking.

“Crush” is used to describe somebody’s strong feeling of attraction toward a person with whom he or she is not having a relationship. It is used especially to talk about teenagers and young people. Of course, I am usually having a crush with those who really are head-turners. And since I am still a tweener, I am accustomed on hearing this person having a crush with someone which is connected to this somebody who is also the crush of this person. On our class, we usually use the term “pagsilay” (peeks) when it comes to girls who often take quick or secret look to their crushes. I never have done such thing as “pagsilay” but I do peek to some–the crushes of my friends especially the four girls… not to mention their names. I usually call their crushes’ names when we encounter them. Then they’ll hide from each other’s back, being unsubtle.

“Infatuation”, on the other hand, is used to describe a passionate but short-term and often unrealistic love–yes, unrealistic, not taking into account or based on the way the world actually is and how events are likely to happen–for somebody. It often happens during adolescence. This is a feeling of loving a person intensely to find out that you really are not in love with that person you thought you’ve loved. It’s like, as what they say, love fading away, but is not actually love. It’s an unreal love. That’s it.

The word “fondness” is used in an alike way to affection to talk about feelings between people. It can also be used to explain a strong liking or preference for something. So, you cannot totally link this with people since it is often used to talk about things we like.

“Passion” is used to describe an exceptionally intense love for somebody, usually of a strong sexual nature. It can also be used to refer to a strong liking or enthusiasm for something, sometimes of an excessive nature. We can consider it as the next level prior than fondness. I always say that writing is my “passion” though I am not really good about it. It’s just that I always want to write. But passion can also denote a strong sexual desire or exhilaration.

The word “affection” is used to describe warm friendly caring feelings between people. So you must not connect this thing when things pertaining to friendship results in your mind. That is if you regard the word love as the highest form of the like. We usually care for our friends. We customarily lend our hands for them and offer our shoulders for them to cry on. That’s affection–a friendship thingamajigs. It can also be used, nonetheless, to talk about a liking for something such as a place.

Then comes “liking” which is used to talk about positive feelings toward something or somebody. These feelings are not as strong as those suggested by love. We like things because we feel optimism or confidence about the thingy. We can like a person if he has the right attidude for us or the right impact for us. A teacher can like a student if the latter shows good characteristics or is courteous to the previous. Anyone can like a band, for instance, because of the nice genre he presume, or because of the vocalists or members of the band, or basically because of the listener’s positive reactions about the band. This shows liking not to the extent of seeming to be favoritism. Favoritism, conversely, is the unfair treatment of someone to somebody or something.

The highest degree, may I say, is the word “love” itself. It is used to describe a very strong, positive feeling toward somebody or something. It is used commonly, and especially, to talk about strong romantic or sexual feelings between people. We find love at the right place and at the right time, though for some cases, we find love at the wrong circumstance. Love is perfect and not erroneous because if it isn’t love, it can be just liking, affection, passion, fondness, infatuation, or at the very least, crush. Love is a profound phenomenon whereby a pair of star-crossed person meet. Love, whereafter blooms into a stronger relationship binding the couple, with God’s knot fastening the two of them.

So, now, do you know what status you are right now? Deeply in love, are you?

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  1. arieiv the strange said

    hi!!! c vieira po ito. i know its wrong considering na we dont know each other. sori ha…. kumuha ako ng excerpt sa entry mong ito… i kinda need it right now… sana maintindihan mo…. i pasted it in my l8est entry and i was kinda wondering if you could help me with my “petty” problem…. visit mo na lang yung blog ko kung may time ka…. again, im really sori. thanks anyway…. may God bless you always!!!

    P.S.- you’re a really good writer, im telling you. your posts are really nice. i hope we could be friends even though i did something bad…..

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