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6:02 pm | an empty stomach

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Marso 27, 2006

My tummy’s whomping. I want to eat but I do not want to go downstairs yet. I want to eat but I am too lazy. Here I am again continuing my rantings. Joshua’s blog upset me, but I am not blaming him for it is not really his fault. I have just read his blog wherein his saying that he is just staring at the screen of his computer… that he’s doing nothing but staring. It says he has nothing to write about. I am upset. I was disturbed by his blog. But still, I am proceeding on what I am writing right now. Even though, as he have said, there’s nothing to write about… The thingamabob is disturbing my mind. It’s no longer the blog of Gus.

The culprit is the thingamabob. I feel dizzy. Actually, I always am. Contemplating what’s inside my mind, I am becoming thin-skinned. Too sensitive. Right now, I cannot say a thing. I am hungry. My tummy is screaming, begging for something. I am becoming more conterminous with the authors of the blogs I am reading. I love reading their blogs. Especially Gus’, and Jayce’s. Also Jay’s. Their blogs inspire me to write. I ain’t good iin writing. I just love to write.

This is enough. Too much has been said by a voracious (yes, I am already) fifteen-year-old third year high school student. Wah! Tomorrow is another Monday. Got to gush forth my stomach. It’ll gonna burst.


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