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10:08 pm | my busiest day with joan

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Marso 28, 2006

I woke up late but didn’t get in a hurry going to school. As I was entering the campus, many students were outside their respective classrooms, some were just sitting in the benches, some were just standing with the peers, some just wanted to roam, some were so noisy, some still. It’s official. It’s the beginning of the end. Five days to go before the official END.

I was about to go to our classroom in IR when it came to my mind that it seemed that our classroom (viewed from afar) was closed. So, it meaned to say, that my classmates are there in the Computer Bldg. I drove the way to the flights of stairs in the right side of the building to find out that the gate is closed. I went downstairs to go to the other side of the building and took a flight of stairs to find out, again, that there was no way up since the gate is closed.

(11:08 pm – continuation)

…I even see the two rear sides of the building but still, the gates were closed. I opted to enter in the front part of the building. Alas! Three flights of stairs to find out that we can “go now to our room”. How tiresome! To sum it up, I was continuously walking for twenty minutes! We didn’t do anything important in our classroom during MAPEH time. Then, Chemistry. When we were about to go to the Chemistry Lab, I knew that Paul John was going to do the “RHS Annual” thingy. I insisted to join him and Angela. I let Joan, Monica and Brenn go their way to Chem, while Paul John and I went back to IR for him to get his and her bag. Then we returned to the Science Building to re-check section one’s and our test papers. I got 34. Yipee! Not so bad.

(Gotta pause for a while. I need to brush my teeth or eat or drink or whatever. Be right back.)

(11:19 pm – continuation)

…On the library, the Staffers were busy organizing the taking of the pictures for the Graduates. We sat there, with our bags on one side. Angela was busy scrutinizing the girl Staffer who was manipulating the technical side of the picture-taking. Paul John was beside me and he was waiting for Cesar’s picture in the laptop. Later on, Terrence came. My alleged alter-ego. The ever dearest Terrence, IV-1, who is inclined in English, who is the best in argumentation and debate, who writes English eloquently, who seems to be me, who walks like me, who talks like me, who stands like me. My alleged alter-ego came, subsequently, Vic came. A terrible nightmare. Hayz!… We did nothing there. I just stared. That’s all. Especially to the beautiful girl I saw. Hmm.

I left to buy food outside the campus (wow! the gate was opened early today!) as Paul John and Angela left to do something. After finishing my burger and my Pepsi, I went back to that tormented side of the library and did nothing but wait. I waited for them to return. My ego told me to go back to IR, assuming that they are there already. They were not there. I borrowed Lee’s cp to text Paul John to ask where they are but he was not answering me adequately.

Mrs. Merino, my beloved English teacher, came to verify the requirements passed by us. I was too lazy to pass only the rough draft and the term paper, not to mention me not passing the portfolio, notebook and book report. The papers were checked. I got 58. Not that high but ain’t that good enough? It’s just a test Jonell.

After that, Madeleine told me that Mrs. Sta. Ana, our Statistics teacher, was literally hunting for the two of us because we’re not yet having our periodical exams. We went to the library to get my “left” bag, went to the GSP room to borrow from Pamela the code of formulas for Statistics. Then we went back to IR. Then we went to the second floor of the Main Building, teacher’s room. We were driven by the difficulty of the test. We’re not adept in Math, were we? Got to return to IR. We encountered Paulo and Randy and told us that they were already going home.

The busy day seemed to be blasé for me. It appeared to be unstoppable. No hindrances at all. Suffice it to say that it began a little earlier when Joan was starting to ask me about what we have talked about last time: us going to the premiere night of Moments of Love. It was around two in the afternoon when I had the chance to communicate with my aunt through text (thanks to Arnold’s cp). I asked for some bucks. I told her what for. Then she seemed to mean okay.

Joan and I left the campus to go to my house. She changes her clothes, so did I. We left quite scurriedly. We rode a jeepney then walked then walked again til we found ourselves asking the counter if there would be tickets for Moments of Love. Uh-oh. None. How could it possibly be? We’re there. It was about four in the afternoon. The red carpet was already laid. Balloons were everywhere. A lot of effort was transparent. We went to Metrobank, outside Megamall. I talked to my Tito Denver and told him that thingummy. Drunk Pepsi. Carbon lingered in my throat. I wanted to puke that time. Got money, at last!

It was my first time to go to St. Francis’ Square. Nice place. Bought Age of Empires II (it’s not working! We have to go back there and return that dump!), bought a cute wristcuff worth–guess how much–just 50 bucks. Nice one! Joan bought a blank CD with a Spongebob print. We spent not that much time there.

We returned to Megamall, and there we waited. And waited. And waited. But our longing and our eager desire on seeing the cast. For her part, Iza, mostly– We were excited behind the exhaustion we were feeling. Whew! We saw, in person, Love Radio’s Chris-tsuper and Nicole-hiyala. Nice laughs; trapped me in immitating them. We saw the magnificent director of Encantadia and Moments of Love, Mark Reyes. Who else? Jennylyn Mercado was terribly beautiful. I can’t help but look at her. Dion Ignacio. Isabel Oli. Karylle. Dingdong Dantes. Iza Calzado. etc. Muros. Miss Tapia. Whew!

Then it was “it”. I’m tired already. Not want to further it. After that long time of waiting, I treated her at Jollibee since we can’t find Greenwich (I want that Taro, please!). I kept the receipt; she kept a piece of tissue. Before totally going back to my house, we stayed at Study Net for about half an hour to take some pictures to be posted here. Nice one! Then we returned here. She went home. I’m tired.

It’s already 12 mn. I need to end this before it’s too late. It’s already Tuesday. What transpired is a great experience. So many things happened. Can’t believe I’m enjoying so many things right now. I need to sleep. See you later!


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