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9:20 am | the girl named joan

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Marso 29, 2006

I do not want to start this post by telling you how I got up from bed or how I had eaten my breakfast. It’s another day to waste in front of this computer. It’s another day of pondering my thoughts. As my mantra goes, it’s another day to stare.

Yesterday was really a hard day for me. I haven’t even told you everything yet. Yesterday, Joan and I went to Megamall and found many stuffs there. For me, it would be easier if there will be no more redundancy about what happened yesterday. Just wanna tell you, pipz, that I really enjoyed it.

Joan and I were friends since first year. Actually, she was my seatmate when we were just Freshmen. During the first day of class, our adviser, Ms. Salmorin, challenged us to know the names of each of our classmates. We have to know names and then when somebody’s called he has to point out who’s who. And so, I asked the girl in my right her name and she said “Joan”. She returned my question and I answered “Jonell”. I have to stammer my name cause she was confused on how it goes. Jonell. Since then, she was close to me. When we’re Sophomores, she’s usually my lunchmate. I commonly sit beside her (thanks to JM for lending me his seat those days) to eat our lunches together. I am typically the one she voices out secrets to. I tell her my secrets as well. But sometime this third year of being together, it’s been months since we’ve been together again andthe matrix of our friendship is developing more and more. The only problem I spot is that her common foes are also my friends. Isn’t that weird. Nonetheless, I am still her friend. Last night, we saw this two guys which seemed to be best friends. The guy (wearing a red stripes and a blue jacket with the number 08 in the left part, who has the height, and the look behind being bespectacled) was just like me, in a sense. And the girl seemed to be Joan in a way. The resemblance of hair between them is striking. Thoughts lingered in the mind of Joan. She told me that someday we’ll be just like the couple we saw. After working, we’ll go see a movie, spend dinner together. That’s a nice friendship. It was usual during the last part months of being a Third year student that the two of us are always together with Monica and Brenn. We stroll our ways from one building to another together. That way, I can say that we love each other’s company. Though not all of the people around us understand Joan, I still love her and I’ll always keep her in my heart as long as our friendship is living.

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