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6:30 pm | pulling the wool over my eyes

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Marso 31, 2006

I feel tipsy as drunken. Just gotten out of bed… I slept for just an hour but I feel like drowzing.

This day is such a boring one. I did nothing but played Age of Empires. It’s becoming addictive. Yesterday, after the exhaustion of going to school to find out that they are not letting the students in, Gabriel and I went to my house. He sort of helped me in playing AOEII: The Age of Kings, since I am not really that good with it cause I was used on playing the trial version of the AOE: The Rise of Rome and of AOE II. It was great to know that I am playing this game again. This is really my favorite strategy game. Gabriel borrowed my CD then he returned to school. So, it looks like I am playing this enthusiastic game for 48 hours already. Ah, I need to quit this game. I need to lessen up the consumption of my time with this stupid game typing stupid cheats, and trying the resolve the problems of Joan of Arc and Gengis Khan. It’s a real-time strategy game…

Then this idea poofed… my “tol” having a friendster account. He’s in Canada right now and as far as I know, he doesn’t like computer stuffs (and that’s the only difference between us). Amidst the doubt about the said friendster account, I still bothered to view it. I didn’t add him up; I’ll just wait for him to add me up–because if I’ll be the one to add him up, it would be hard for me to know if he’s already my friends since I have an awful lot of friends in friendster. I sent him a smile. Just a smile–no optional message. Just a smile. But then, I still have this undisputable, unevitably recognizable doubt in my mind. Is it really my “tol” whom I knew for some four months already, having big similarities with me, who loves Shakespeare and his Romeo and Juliet, who hates Cueshé, who loves reading, who loves writing like me? I’m douce! There’s doubt! First, he’s studying in Canada, I understand that. Second, how will he learn friendster stuffs? Of course, he must have learned it from another person…considering that he doesn’t like computer stuffs (cause he always says he better write than learn those thing). So who’s this person whom he had learn friendster-ing from? Wouldn’t that person bother to ask him, “add me up, ha!”… Am I a mindless driveler? I am just saying what I am noticing. For example, your younger sister asked you how to have a friendster account and so you agreed to teach her. After finishing her account, wouldn’t you care to ask your sister to add you up as a friend? Going back to my tol’s friendster account, the only friend he got there on his list is Pamela. Drooled thoughts! I still doubt it. But half of my mind is fighting with my first stand. If it was just Pamela (trying to be my tol again), she would care to add me up since she knows my friendster well. The bad–yes, bad–or should I say, previous MEAN deeds of Pamela let me inject these thoughts in my mind. She had done that before. She lied to me telling me that she is not the one who’d texted me, telling me she isn’t my tol. She fooled me many times already. And I am just being kind to her since it’s not my nature to plant abhorrence for a long time. But I do dislike this girl. She’s turning me off. But anyways, I don’t have to disturb myself that much… If Pamela is tricking me again, if she’s pulling the fool out of me again, I don’t care. If ever he’s pulling the wool over my eyes for the nth time, if she’s happy doing such rubbish thing, let it be. I would haughtily say, “I’ll get my life, get out of hither.”


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    kyle facebook

  2. Anonymous said

    NSU – 4efer, 5210 – rulez

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