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12:43 am | advance happy birthday jayce

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Abril 18, 2006

I just want to greet one of my greatest inspiration in blogging, Mr. Jayson Jacinto Cortez, the author of Cobwebs and Souls, who is a part of my life in so many ways he doesn’t know, an advance happy birthday. Of course I know his birthday because I’m an avid reader of his blog. I actually learned so many English from him. Chuckles! May tomorrow be a special day for him. Kudos to him and may he have a wonderful day!

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12:34 am | the period

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Abril 18, 2006

Everything of me is empty now after my conversation with my “tol” through text messages. And it wouldn’t be sufficient for me to detail what we had talked about. One thing is for sure right now, something must stop and someone must leave. There’s a period, I mean it.

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10:15 pm | at ace water spa

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Abril 17, 2006

NOTE: This is kind of acrimonious, okay?… This is the continuation of yesterday’s post. I wasn’t able to finish it last night because of laziness and torment. Right now, as I am writing this, I am actually having a chat with my “tol”, Brian, through text messages. We’re having a difficult time discussing about Pamela. Anyway, I’ll talk about that later. I have realized that I must be very careful on what I wish for. Last time, as you may noticed, I had written nothing last Thursday, April 14, because I was injecting to myself that I have no skill in writing and no one is appreciating my thoughts. Then, like a sudden explosive, things boomed my way. A thing happened after another thing. So, I hope that you, readers, will be with me. Thank you.

The “swimming thing” was along Del Monte Avenue near corner Banawe Street, Quezon City. We parked the car then entered the back entrance whatsoever. We were already oriented on the do’s and do not’s and the expected things on Ace Water Spa. Ate Vivian paid at the counter and then she gave each one of us, the pass, the headwear, and the locker key.

There were still a lot of people so we decided to have dinner first.

The lockers of male and female are separated, of course. Our flip-flops was taken at the entrance of the room. Then, Tito Denver, Penpen and I opened our respective lockers. I put there my things except for my swimwear, headwear, my key in my wrist, and my towel. I took a shower, then, there we were! Inside the full spectrum of aqua massage jets.

“The European concept of therapeutic spa utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” that massages specific areas of the human body and when combined with hear, it removes oils, fats and other non-essential materials from the skin and body which results to slimming and good blood circulation.
A huge and spacious spa that has more than 20 unique and fully automated Ultrasonic Massage System quipped with therapeutic aquatic jets to relax and soothe tired muscles while chatting and enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones.“

I will try to recall everything that happened but I wouldn’t be that sure if I am telling this chronologically.

I enjoyed floating around in the current that goes around the entire pool in the Lazy River the most. We wore salbabidas and it’s really cool. There’s no need to step on the ground because there “is“ a current. I enjoyed it because I had fun with Penpen and I had realized that it’s nice to have a brother. That time, I treated him as my younger brother. And it really touched my heart–the way he was calling me “Kuya Jonell“. We were together on every massage system such as the water fall, the massage system for buttocks, hips, waists, lower back, head, and everything, the bucket splash, that big watergun, the intensely cold pool… He usually let me accompany him on this and that. I felt a happiness that is so much unexplainable. A rare expectance.

We spent about two hours there. With that small span of time, I realized that I am starting to appreciate swimming and breathing underwater as well. Chuckles! I floated like a merman and learned some “swimming“ myself. I even had the idea of becoming a swimmer someday. But that is so ridiculous, let me say. I was right, I cannot explain everything that happened in this manner. Everything was a lot more of a thing called fun.

The clock struck half past ten. We have to leave the pool and settle down. I took a shower. I dressed up and put a big smile in my face which was so unbelievable. I enjoyed it.

Everything was settled before we leave. Penpen and I had a great time–and until that time of parting, I wasn’t talking to Kaye. I admit, I am a snooty person. And I can’t find any remedy for it. Inside the car, everyone was talking about the experience, and Ate Viv was still blaming us for not coming with them the last time they went there. She told us that it was there fifth time already to go there. She said that maybe next month, we’ll go there again. How I wish that is tomorrow.

On our way going home, my aunt wanted siopao at Chowking but we disagreed. It’s kind of funny that Penpen and I had a similar like about eating burger from Burger Machine. And so we looked for the nearest stand and bought five burgers with coleslaw (o, i hated the vegetable thing). They had juice while I had Pepsi. Unluckily, there were no straws for the juices!

It was more comfortable that time of going home. It was already late but we had soaring gayeties in our smiles.

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8:17 pm | to go or not to go

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Abril 16, 2006

A minute before the clock struck three, as I was lying on my bed, last Thursday, I received this text message from my aunt: Hi toy! Mag handa k 6pm daanan k namin. Dala k towel at swiming trunk. (Hi toy! Get ready, we’ll pick you up at 6pm. Bring towel and swimming trunk.) It was apparent to me that she was talking about the “swimming” thing she was urging me to consider.

Three weeks ago, I suppose, she had mentioned it to me that she would treat me and two of my friends to a “swimming” something in Roosevelt, whereupon I sort of had taken it lightly that I asked Joan about it. But then, I had realized that Joan is going to the province this vacation, and Joanne would not be permitted to go out at night. Therefore, my two best friends couldn’t come.

Last weekend, my aunt asked me to come with her and his husband to that “swimming” thingy and assured me that I will “enjoy” it. I felt empty that time that that thingy wouldn’t be so satisfactory for me; I refused to go, having no authentic reasons at all. I told my grandmother to tell my aunt that I wouldn’t bother to come because I just don’t want to. I had lain on my bed to know that she phoned me again. I went downstairs to grab the phone. I was totally wordless, pathetically mute, as she was shouting at me over the phone telling me that I wasn’t realizing that if she tells me I would certainly enjoy the “swimming” thing, I would certainly do. She cried that nothing will happen if I will not go outside and do “something else”. She hung up before she could possibly let me speak a word, which would truly be preposterous for me to be so.

Her text message made me temporarily speechless, not that it has been some months ago since the last time she asked us to go out but because I totally do not want to go out. I’d rather stay up on my bed, sleep, read a book, or blog. But then again, I realized that I have to learn the word “enjoy” in an outdoor basis, which requires energy and social ability. I ignored her text message. Instead of deciding whether to go or not, I slept and told myself to wake up at five before things start messing up.

I was awoken, probably, by my aunt’s din. She pummeled me with reminders for what we’re up to that night. It is so weird for my part, to take for granted everything she was saying. She’s a pretty, smart woman with exquisite workmanship and a good job.

Ate Vivian and Tito Denver has buckled up. It took me a long time to realize that I was already inside the car, with my aunt, her husband Tito Denver and his nephew, Penpen and niece, Kaye. I had with me my towel, body spray, deodorant and what else, brief, of course, and the swimming trunk, which was snatched at a near department store (o, don’t be so silly, we didn’t do any crime, it’s just the best word to explain what happened because it was really a fast procurement, okay?). I wasn’t talking to anyone inside the car. Yes, I know them for years but it’s so rubbish for me to converse. I’m innately unconventional! I don’t want to talk to people I am not suppose to talk to. I was suppose to ask my Tito how’s his job or query his niece’s preparations in entering high school or know the silly deeds of his nephew or ask my aunt about anything or to gab them my incongruous action. All of those are inconsequential. We passed Eastwood and I remembered Sitel, the place where Jay and Faith work. They are two of ideals of blogging. Likewise, I always keep in touch with what they are writing. I asked my aunt about the company but she said she has no idea about it. On and on, we’re driving. Everytime my aunt cracked funny, silly things, I couldn’t help but laugh soundlessly while most of them guffaw.

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