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10:00 pm | gibberish views about the internet

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Abril 3, 2006

At last, I moved the computer to a more not so convenient location. At my right is a glass of Coke. I can hear from the radio beside it a familiar oldie. I love you more than you’ll ever know… i’ll love you more than you’ll ever see… More than my heart could ever show… I love you more than you’ll ever know… What’s the title of this song? Anyway, at my left is my closet. It’s an awkward positioning of things here, you know. Posted at the wall are the poster from Metropolitan Theatre Guild Asia’s Romeo & Juliet, and two pictures one of which bore my Lola’s portrait while the other one bore my whole body and my three sisters’ shot, I think, seven years ago, I don’t know. At kung hindi man dumating sa’kin ang panahon… Na ako ay mahalin mo rin… Asahan mo ako’y di magdaramdam… Kahit ako ay nasasaktan… Wag mo lang ipagkait na ikaw ay aking… Mahalin…

I don’t feel like fagged out right now though I strolled my way to Study Net a couple of hours ago. What an act, Jonell? Just to go online, just to go to Study Net, I walked… Silly, Jonell, silly. I’ll never do that again. Why bother to go to a far computer shop? I’m not considering that there are two–yes, two–two computer shops that are very near from my house. I’ll never do that again. I just do not understand why I felt attracted to Study Net everytime I have time. That’s the reason why most of my classmates call me “addict”. Though, I can’t help it. Really. When I got to Study Net, a little later, Mary Joy and her brother came. “Addict,” she cried. O, it’s already vacation, Jonell, can’t you help yourself to stop that addictive vice. Alright, it’s a vice. I spent much of my money surfing the net doing rubbish stuffs, checking my Friendster account, and most especially blogging. I also chat people, but only those in my list. I usually don’t join convoluted untruthfulness-oriented chatrooms. Boring. Yes, you’ll meet people, but you may not be that sure if the person you are chatting with is really telling the truth. You’ll meet mindless people, most of them tormented with the unappropriate self-esteem of the modern technology.

But then, surfing the net may lead to many positive directions in life–not to the extent that we can go beyond the boundary of reality. Most of us explicitly fathom the basic use of internet–it’s somewhat a portal for people to communicate with each other worldwide, also for data to be accessed by people in different places in the world… For us, students, internet is very useful. I, personally, search the internet for researches and assignments (in view of the credibility and authenticity of search engines and web pages). Most of the teeners, nowadays, comprehend the use of Yahoo!Messenger to chat with other people, which most of the times causes lies and fabrication. In addition, I often use community-based or a community networking website such as Friendster to meet new people, friends, and seem-to-be-friend type of commoners. Nonetheless, not everything that can be found in the internet is true. Different users, browsers, and hosts, access the internet and with the million of minds working to accomplish a “something” in the internet, we cannot determine, really, what’s false and what’s not. Or else, there is a certification or something that may prove that the data gathered from the internet is reliable. That’s why everytime I get information from the internet, I indicate the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the data I acquired which is helpful because URL is your “evidence of authenticity”. URL is that unique location of the data, or object you obtained from the internet. For instance, your teacher let you research a specific topic then you surfed the net to search for it then the next day as you let your teacher see your research he’ll ask where did you get your research and you’ll answer that it came from the internet, he’ll probably question you the exact page in the internet where you have gotten your research then you’ll just say, “Sir, I do not know!” Ho hum. You suppose to be responsible in getting information from something. You must not just get it and be exultantly proud of having your data… There must be an evidence. It is just like pointing a suspect. You cannot just say that Peter killed John without “anything” that will prove that Peter did so.

O, where is he, he is getting so far from what he was saying earlier. Anyhow, back to the deeper him, well, he’s just waiting for d_t’s call tonight. Probably, when the clock struck eleven, the phone will ring and then they will talk for a minute. He’s happy with that although it’s very short. He just have to wait. They will talk more naturally (without the intensive time pressure) on Monday. Then they’ll be together by Tuesday. He just have to wait. In any case, he have d_t’s bracelet. He’s wearing it right now. He can’t help thinking of d_t. He can’t stop thinking of his beloved someone. D_t will call some minutes from now. He just have to wait. He’s pleased to see d_t’s tag on his blog. He wonders how is d_t now. He can’t wait for two days before they can finally catch up with each other again. Monday is tomorrow.

Thanks to the internet he met d_t. Ten minutes before eleven. He wants to be in d_t’s arms. He wants to be with d_t again. He wants him back. He colosally misses d_t. O, he can’t help it. He wonders if he’ll be able to sleep tonight. He just can’t help thinking of d_t. He’ll never look for another person to love. His heart is exclusively for d_t. He hopes d_t feels the same way as he is feeling right now and he can’t stop thinking about d_t. He wants to tell d_t how greatly he loves d_t. He wants to tell d_t that he’s tremendously happy that d_t is him. Five minutes before he shut down his computer. Four minutes. He can’t help thinking of d_t. Wait. He thinks he really would not be able to sleep right away… not only because of d_t but because of the disturbances of his neighbor. They are very noisy. What the heck! Three minutes before eleven. Two minutes. Just wasting letters here. Two minutes before my fingers will stop. Think, brain. Think, brain. He’s still waiting for d_t’s call. Ring ring. Just practicing. One minute. It’s time to go now. Thank you for being here, d_t. I love you and I love you more because you love me too. Thank you.


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