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1:25 am | can anybody tell me where d_t is?

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Abril 4, 2006

It’s been almost two and a half hours since I was waiting for d_t’s call. Negative. But I am still waiting for a call. D_t told me last night that he’ll call me up this evening. Negative. Is d_t thinking of me right now? I don’t know. I hope so. Because me? I am awfully thinking of d_t… Ho hum! I wish I have a cellphone. Please, heaven, send me down a cellphone so that I can contact my loved one. Can anyone bother to give me a cellphone? What kind of life is this? I need a cellphone. It’s just now that I have realized that I really need a cellphone–not only for riding the trend right now but to assure what’s happening with my loved one. How are you d_t?…wish you’re okay… Ho hum! Wahhhh! I need a cellphone. Where are my parents? Gimme a cellphone. Wahhh! I’m getting stupid right here. I need to know what’s happening with d_t. D_t, where are you? Are you already home? Are you now sleeping, getting ready for tomorrow’s work? What’s happening, tell me!

[thunder–then a voice reverberated vociferously]

O, Manuel, relax, don’t get frustrated. Relax your mind. It’ll be fine. Perhaps, d_t’s just busy or better yet he has no more cellphone load. You just miss d_t, Manuel, relax! It’d be better if you’ll unwind. Relax, Manuel, d_t still loves you. D_t will always love you as much as you do, Manuel.

I can’t even take some forty winks. I can’t even close my eyes. As I do, d_t’s face is there in front of me. I can’t help but think of d_t… I am worried…totally worried and–

Don’t be humiliated, Manuel…
–I am totally anxious. I don’t know what happening with d_t. I miss him so–

Just relax, Manuel. It’ll be okay. D_t’ll call you up early in the morning. D_t can’t forget you, remember that.

–ho hum… dug dug dug. Ho hum. I love you, d_t. Remember that. I can’t help thinking of you tonight. And I can’t wait to see you. I don’t care if people’ll say I’m crazy… cause it’s really true. I can feel it. I’m getting crazy for you. I can’t help looking at your picture here in my pc–

Relax, Manuel, relax.

–Allright, I’ll relax, I’ll find myself sleeping right away. I need to rest now, right?–


–Whatever happens I love you so much, d_t. I want to shout out to everyone who’s reading this, I want them to know that I really love d_t. I can’t help it, d_t. Please come back… I can’t help it. I’m getting much crazier for you… Thank you for entering my life. Without you, I can never feel this jauntiness and so much gladness deep inside. Thank you and I love you so much. I hope you feel the same way… cause I really do love you, d_t. I wish it would be forever. Thank you very much for everything. That night was very memorable for me. Thank you very much for entering my melancholic life. Thank you for putting color in my prosaic life. Thank you for filling the void. I’m no longer empty because you already filled the tremendous abyss inside me. I love you so much.


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