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11:45 pm | not a computer expert

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Abril 7, 2006

“Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.”– John F. Kennedy

Call me an addict, please. I do not know how to stop this vice. It is wicked because I mostly spend most of my time with this habit. Blogging. And this afternoon, I went to Study Net to–what else–surf the net. I was there at around 4 pm and I went home about half-past seven. What have I done? In chat, I met a new friend named–what’s her name again, I can’t recall, I think it’s Christine. For the first time, I saw Julius being on-line. I was surprised (yeah, really) that his three Yahoo! Messenger IDs were all open at the same time. Because of him I somewhat knew Jayce and also Gus. I just don’t want to ramble things up on what can I say to these three great people. Yep, I consider them great and honestly, I’d learned so many things just because of keeping in touch with their web logs. Jayce has the greatest impact to me; his type of writing doesn’t sucks, really. He’s so great. It’s the best thing I knew. Everytime I am reading his posts, my nose always bleeds, frankly. Anyway, why am I talking this way? This is just the effect of being an addict. They say I’m a computer expert but I refuse that title. You can name me as a computer-literate fifteen-year-old boy but now a COMPUTER EXPERT. I know many things (or some) about MS Office and Windows and Internet Explorer but my knowledge ain’t enough for such recognition. I appreciate the praises of people about my ability in computer. For instance, Mrs. Cabalquinto, my Comp.EdI teacher last school year, who had given a compliment that I am good in Microsoft PowerPoint–remember the time they asked for help regarding Ma’am Cecille’s (our student teacher) presentation for her demo? Too much for those rantings. I’m hungry.


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