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Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Abril 8, 2006

“To me fair friend you can never be old,
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still.”
— William Shakespeare, from Sonnet 104

As I was sitting here in front of the computer, as I was listening to the radio and reluctantly trying to enter letters without looking at the keyboard and without the aid of any lights, I came up on realizing something that I cannot deny. I miss tresdos–my beloved classmates. Tresdos because we’re third year, section two (III-2)… I miss each one of them and those moments with them. I want to ignore my tummy this time because I am missing my classmates so much that nothing can replace this yearning. Each one of them had been a part of my life. Most of them made great impact on my life.

Okay, so I give up, I am eating ref cake right now. I can’t see what I am eating; it’s too dim. I have realized that I am starting to betray the daylight for the nth time since I seem to be praising the night’s animosity ever since. Why am I still awake, I always ask myself? It’s too awkward that I live like an owl. Why am I staying up at night this late?

Manuel, your digressing…

Yes, Big Brother.

Back to what I was saying, I really miss my classmates. I miss thirty-seven various personalities and variform heads and tails. I wouldn’t be bias this time (but forgive me, lest, lately). I really miss each one of them.

(1) – I used to treat him as my best friend but then I came up comprehending that he’s too good to be true. I hate his English. It sucks. Written or orally, it really sucks. And also the way he acts. I have heard from a classmate that he’ll be on a play recently and the news really made me puke. But on the lighter side, I appreciated his acting on last time. It was great and I really liked it. All of the efforts he had exerted came up to be worthy. Another thing I dislike about him is his having an uncontrolled excessive physical activity by touching and fondling. It’s such a pesky act, you know… He’s not liked by most people but he thinks that he’s really a sort of a you’ll-love-it-if-we’ll-be-friends type of guy. Where in the darnation should I put myself in telling you guys how much acerbity this irrational guy had pulled from me ever since? I hate this guy so much I can’t help but to shout at him and make “parinig” everytime he’s near me? Don’t judge me so quickly if you still do not know what happened between the two of us (O, have I given the hint already?). I just want to make it clear that I have no more plan to patch up with this stupid guy. I am getting more irritated (take note that I am not the only one who feels this) everytime I am thinking of this guy… Got to end this.

(2) – It was the first time I had the chance to make friends with her. I knew her since first year but this is the greatest time I had spent with her. She asked me once if I could be his “kuya”, and it all came out to be blooming. One time, when we were there at the Science Building, I told her everything about my life. I opened my heart to her as the light rain was incessantly pouring making us quite wet. She’s the first person I was able to share my life story that much. She became a good friend to me. At first, she was trying to patch things up between someone and me but then she joined my side because I know she believes me. Needless to say, we had so much time having misunderstandings. But when that incident in a friend’s house happened while having the Choral practice, everything seemed to be normal again. She was my phone pal for a long time. She shared moments of her life to me. She even became my “ate” instead of me being his brother. She always cared for me and helped me through thick and thin. I love her so much I don’t want to lose her. Everytime she got angry at me, I got depressed and can’t stand the burning heat between the two of us. Right now, she’s not calling me anymore. I do, too. I miss her and I also miss the times I spent with her especially those times we stroll our way from one building to another, and those times in which I tease her to her crush. Sweet memories.

(3) – She’s the best friend I have inside the classroom. I knew her since first year, and as I have said on that post wherein I explain everything (like how we met and became that close), I have so many cherished moments with this boyish Maria Clara (ew!). At the beginning of the school year, we hadn’t got any chance to be together as much as we were during our second year in high school but all went back one time in the rooftop of a classmate’s house. That time, all seemed to be normal again between the two of us… and we started to be together again, especially when walking our way home or going from building to building. I have so many things experienced because of her for the past few months we’ve been together again including the trip to Sucat, Parañaque for a mall show, eating my first Big Mac with her, going to a premier night without watching the movie (how sad!), going to her house for the first time in three years on her mother’s birthday wherein I ate a lot of foods.. and most especially, we’ve been often eating our lunch together and planned every dream we thinked of. I miss her. And I miss every single moment I’d loved because of her.

(4) – He’s my best pare ever. He was the one who knew the YUCK-KADIRI-AYOKO-NA-SIYANG-LAPITAN-NANDIDIRI-AKO-SA-KANYA thing. I trust him so much and he was so kind to me. To those who see him as a stupid person na walang magawa kundi magpa-cute lang, you’re all absolutely wrong, this lanky person is very kind, you just have to dig him up more to see the real him. One time, or most of the time, I admit that I favoritized him during our Choral Interpretation practices. We had a golden rule saying that no cellphones are allowed during practices. But then, sometimes those days, I became not transparent on seeing him texting and texting and texting. I usually use his seat (thanks!) when I don’t like to be beside my quiet seatmate and I also go to his seat to eat my lunch (hehe). I think, he was also the first one to read my father’s letter to me. On the first part of the previous school year, he was fond of shaking hands with me like a greeting and wala-lang stuff. He don’t call me by my name; he typically call me as “boss”. He uttered my name when calling me, I think, only once, this year, when he was so glum. This person is very kind, mind you people. They say he has the look (o, bear with me, please!). But then he is bulol. I wonder how I was able to understand everything he was saying to me everytime we chat. Hehehe.

(5) – O. O. O. Everytime I want to talk to someone about a certain someone, I usually go next to her and tell her everything. She once asked me to fix her friendster and I am so sorry that I wasn’t (still) able to update her Friendster. I told her everything about the panloloko thing I was doing for the past twenty-six months but then it’s already over. He already knew my real identity. I’ve gone blown up. We usually talk about silly things. I remember that time I’d gone to her house for the first time, and we were able to spent fun time on her room, I’d seen this stupid monitor of hers that was so huge I couldn’t help but to laugh at it. I miss amitaf.. o. She’s the first one I asked to call me JM which momentarily became Manuel since… O, should I explain everything here? Why am I named Manuel anyway?

O, it’s already 2:13 am. Got to sleep na.

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