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3:35 pm |that’s what you call handsome

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Abril 9, 2006

The grand winner of the Mr. Pogi 2006 in Eat Bulaga was a fellow schoolmate of mine. I didn’t even realized that he’s a Rizalian. I watched the whole competition and have no wonder why he won. My aunt and his husband was here earlier and we ate lunch together. My aunt catapulted so many comments about each contestant and I inaudibly agreed on what she was saying. It blasted on me that not all of the handsome guys really have what it takes to be called a Mr. Pogi. A right Mr. Pogi must showcase the guts, the talent, the confidence, and the self-effacement. It’s not just about knowing how to act, how to sing, or how to dance, it’s about being yourself and trusting on what you can do. The search like any other search in television doesn’t necessarily do this kind of contest just for its audience, for the ratings, what is important is neither the prize nor the money which is innately easily spent, but the consumate ease engraved in the heart of each one who tried to become the next Mr. Pogi. Plaques, recognition, and a whole damn exposure in showbiz with the prizes they received, these Mr. Pogi’s would surely treasure the memories this experience has taught them. They will face the challenge of life, having the title of being the Mr. Pogi 2006, runner-up or not. Being handsome is not just having good-looking facial features or an attractive general appearance. Because the greatest “kapogian” or handsomeness is being a model and inspiration to the people around you, exemplifying good deeds and love to the Almighty.


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