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10:30 pm | random thoughts 0409

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Abril 10, 2006

Earlier, after going to church with my Lola (ei, today’s Palm Sunday), and buying a Cappuccino pearl shake, I walked my way to–guess where–Study Net. Oops… don’t chide me. I’m just being loyal to that computer shop. I spent one hour doing everything like posting my blog entries pended because of my laziness. I also editted my template and took me so long. Errors. I had lots of them putting scripts on my template and editting the section headers and everything. I wasn’t able to talk to Matt though he was online; it’s just that I set my mode in invisible. One hour was spent there. Rolyn, my elementary friend sent me a message. She was calling me “kuya”. It’s really awkward! I was deliberately dumb. I was scrutinizing those pictures of those people I assume as my Kuya’s classmates. I have no more news about him. He’s no longer being available at YM and he’s not calling me over the phone. I think his angry at me. I wonder if d_t will phone me tonight. Hope so.


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