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1:12 am | the door for forgiveness

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Abril 12, 2006

What could you want that
forgiveness cannot give?
Do you want peace? Forgiveness offers it.
Do you want happiness, a quiet mind,
a certainty of purpose,
and a sense of worth and beauty
that transcends the world?
Do you want care and safety,
and warmth of sure protection always?
Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed,
a gentleness that cannot be hurt,
a deep abiding comfort
and a rest so perfect it can never be upset?
All this forgiveness offers you.
You who want peace
can find it only by complete forgiveness.
A Course of Miracles

It’s really hard for a person to forgive someone who committed mistakes against him. For some, forgiveness is impossible especially when it caused so much pain, wherein permenance of grudges is conceivable. For other people, forgiveness is just a click away, markedly to those who don’t know how to root perilous yet torrential wrath.

The thing is, is it important for a person to forgive others? Of course, it is, even how great the pain was, even how sorrowful the agony may sound. It is distressing to see that not all of us knows how to forgive. Forgiveness is not a loony crap; it is signifant in our lives. Ever heard of the maxim that Christ knows how to forgive, how much more must people be? People are not perfect to do perfect things in perfect times. Undeniably, people can commit mistakes towards others, whether intentional or not. What is important here is that we must learn to forgive others on their wrongdoings. How can we live with serenity if we are keeping the anguish inside us? How can we survive life’s conquest if we will not forgive people who repent on what they did?

They say it’s good to forgive and to forget. Yes it’s true. We must forgive people who sinned against us and at the same time forget, not him, but the deed he has done toward us. It’s not forgiving the person and forgetting him as well. It would look like a betrayal and inconsistency if we do this. Let’s try to start mending things and patch everything up, too.

What I am saying right now may be irrational to those people who are still keeping the madness inside them and condescing fiercely. What I want to emphasize here is that there is no greater time for forgiveness than now. The sins committed against you may have caused emotional pain or suffering, but isn’t it enough for you to release all of those things and try to shut the door close. If your door for forgiveness is closed at this moment, try to hold on the knob and open it slowly, if you think it’s ruined your life, but later on you have to left it ajar and wait for the gush of solemnity to go on. Eventually, you’ll realize that life is worth it with forgiveness at its side. Learn to befriend forgiveness, open your door and you’ll find it there, pending yet patiently waiting.


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