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6:30 pm | for what seemed like forever

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Abril 13, 2006

Romeo: Ay me, sad hours seem long.
from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

I wasn’t able to blog anything about yesterday because it was all a mess. It’s like having a bad trip when it comes to taking drugs but yet I would not consider myself having such since I am not taking illegal drugs–and never will I take those. But come to think of it. Anything can possibly happen, so I cannot promise I wouldn’t take drugs. To stop the digression, let me start with what happened yesterday. It may not sound that “bad day” to everyone but for me it is one of the most tiring or satiate condition.

My Lola asked me if I can come with her to Megamall because she would see her niece who is borrowing the photo album of my aunt’s wedding and everything. I refused but later on I decided to dress myself up and have a nice time at the mall. The FX we had ridden was a total disaster. The atmosphere was not pleasant and mind you, people, it was really hot inside. The scorching heat didn’t impede my sweat out! We waited for her niece to come on their meeting place. I can’t forget that “Ang laki mo na” compliment which I regarded as not such but a common line to throw on a specific circumstance. I, myself, would tell her daughter, once we meet, that she’s grown up! The problem I encountered with that situation is apparent. Why meet on a place with no benches at all or anything to sit on? Why meet on another place, like a fast food store, with a lot of seats? So, I consider that a five-minute warm-up of the day’s miserable situations.

My Lola was forcing me to buy a pair of flip-flop. I rebuff; I hate flip-flops. The next thing she wanted me to buy was pants. I was totally in a setback mood trying and trying those pants which never fitted my body and my taste. Can anyone suggest me where to buy shabby-looking pants with a 27 or 28 wasteline? I gave up searching for nice pants.

We went to McDonald’s to eat. I was terribly hungry that time that I even wanted to puke my stomach out. I ate a lot, and that’s good. The Sundae was an awful I was still even hungry afterwards. Before going out of McDo, I notice this girl costumer who was writing on her journal. I felt a touch of happiness to witness something I admire most–writing. It’s just that it’s very scarce now to witness that kind of situation. It really touched my heart.

I was uttering offensive (is it?) things under my breath with almost every silly person I saw. For example, that weird guy with a long hair tied at the root of the hair which made him look like a horse. I was uttering “Ybarro kabayo” and my guffaws were escaping from within.

Believe it or not, I continued to look for pants again but felt tired afterwards. We went to Penshoppe and at last, eveything was fine. I didn’t buy pants, they were so big for me. And I would try to find another time searching for my Mr. Right pants other than that day. What I hate the most is when this store representatives bother me when I am just looking by myself. They probably want me to buy on their store but then I am really disturbed when they are around and pestering me in a manner I hate a lot. But on Penshoppe, everything was cool. From those people around wearing casual clothes, not uniforms, to those people in the counter and the manager as well. I came across three or four clothes until I got this blue-green polo shirt with orange horizontal stripes with light blue and white accent. I also bought a body spray to come up to the price wherein I’ll have that P50 off coupon which I can use the next time I go there. Cool! I can’t help looking at that cloth right now and it’s another thing I grumble today–I ought to wear it. It’s really cool.

It was again a tiring moment. My Lola will go there, I’ll follow. I’m so tired. Waiting. Standing. I almost stared blankly for an hour or two before we finally parted. I told her that I will be meeting someone at Powerbooks. I was all alone then.

It was then that I was saying to myself “I loathe Harry Potter. I loathe Harry Potter. I will kill Harry Potter soon…” I remembered a line from a web log saying that if she can’t help it, she would be the one to kill Harry Potter. It was all absurd when I saw this Harry Potter on the stage. And mind you, everywhere there was Harry Potter! There were those human-size Harry Potter and everything. On the projected screen, there was a somekind of a behind-the-scenes of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire… I was awestruck. Totally. Completely. Nothing remained to me. I was totally lost and I recalled that I love Harry Potter. Why do I have to loathe Harry Potter? Too pathetic, Manuel.

I went to Power Books and tried to search for something to read. It came across my mind that it is evident that you’ll not enter Power Books if you don’t like reading, except when you’ll go to the music section (whatever you call that). And it also came across my mind to think that 75% of the people entering the store loves reading. And I am one of them. I may not be reading a novel lately but I still consider myself as a book-lover and a person who really loves reading. I read blogs, how do you call that? I decided to read Da Vinci Code. I was able to finish reading those stuffs about The Mona Lisa until I stopped to wait for YOU. Yes, you. It was really a cool read. People are right that Dan Brown in the person of Richard Danglon had extravagantly mixed facts with fiction. Facts were induced to the readers in a manner that people are used to. I came across those scenes I already scene once in a news on TV about the upcoming movie interpretation. I am referring to the words on the Mona Lisa, Tom Hanks saw after using the black light, and also the Vitruvian Man thing. It was cool. I remember that I had already read some parts of the book when I was in Second Year. It was Reynalin’s brother’s book she showed me. It was the first time I became intrigued and curious about the stuff. I am excited on watching the film. I already know some facts like about The Mona Lisa’s smile, Da Vinci’s sexuality, Mary Magdalene on the Last Supper, and everything. It would be better to have that book. Some time. May be.

Then it happened. I was standing there, waiting for what seemed to be like eternity. I was looking at the side entrance and at a frequent basis looking at the front entrance. I was totally wearied. And at the same time, worried that YOU will not show up. And you didn’t. I was standing there for two long hours. I wanted to meet YOU because I miss YOU. I really miss you, honestly.

I went to somewhere around to phone you. I grabbed two five-peso coin in my pocket and used that freakin’ stupid odd-looking pay phone. I called YOU up and I was upset to hear we’re not meeting again. I miss YOU, I really do. And if YOU think, as YOU always did, that I am not thinking of you at all, YOU are completely wrong… because I almost break my head just to make sure you’re alright, just to make sure you’re also thinking of me. I hope YOU are. YOU are showing it to me naman, eh. All I ever wished is for the two of us to be able to be together again. I miss YOU so much and I can’t help it. I know you’re busy and all I can do is to consider you, to understand your situation.

I went out of the mall, frustrated, thinking of you and wishing you’re not wearied much or else you’ll faint and get sick. I am thinking of you so much more than how you think of me. I know you are busy and I understand that. You’re short yet simple calls means a lot to me. Those calls help me on considering that you’re fine, that you are alright. I love YOU so much more than how you know it. I joined the queue of FXs routeing Pasig… still thinking of you and thinking of that day that we’ll be together again. Every night, I am thinking of you. I almost sleep thinking of YOU, worried and hoping that some day, we’ll held each other’s hand and be fine together.

I was unloaded near Study Net. I rent a computer and was then again felt acerbity in the virtue of that stupid mouse and that silly screen. I posted things on my blog and updated my friends’ blogs. I went home frustrated and wearied.

It was good that you called me up over the phone. I was expecting you to call yet I was considering that you are busy. I am still wishing that we’ll be together again. Right now, I am sad again that we can’t meet tonight. You’re busy, I know that. And you must not be sorry about that. It makes me even love you more because I can see that you are dedicated on what you are doing.

It would be another week of longing for your voice and longing for your presence. It would be another week of clunching my pillow thinking of you until the night permits me to sleep. How I wish I can be there beside you. How I wish.


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