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11:00 pm | got to buy things

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Hunyo 1, 2006

Amidst the glorious heat of the sun outside, without a single penny on riding a tricycle to go to our meeting place, I vigorously strolled my way going to Meralco to meet Pamela and get what I dreaded for almost a month. There I was perspiring yet enthused on having my brother’s stuffs. Pamela was annoyed because I was allegedly late for fifteen minutes. I sat beside her and not for long she gave me a plastic bag. I decided not to open it until I got home but then I had this vivid voice inside my mind telling me to go open his letter which compelled me on doing so. At last, I received my requested letter from my dearest brother. Of all the content of the two-page letter, which includes his remarks of thankfulness and love to me, I was greatly bothered by the sentence: Ayaw kong isipin mong ito ang una at huli kong letter sa’yo (I don’t want you to think that this is my first and last letter to you). After having his picture days ago, his letter is another big link for the two of us. You know, even though we might be miles away, still in our hearts, we are siblings.

Not to be digressing with the title of this post, let me continue on telling what happened on this terrific day.

By noontime, I wasn’t able to eat that yucky dish my Lola prepared–not to degrade her adeptness in such field, it’s just that I didn’t like the taste of the tofu-oriented food with black beans and messy morsels of veggie.

One in the afternoon, we are already on our way to Megamall to buy school stuffs. We first went to National Bookstore but a soon after I put down the basket and told my Lola that I don’t want to buy stupid pad papers today. On and on, after some time of roaming around, we go to Greenwich on the Food Court to eat. At last, I tasted that long-awaited Taro Pearl Cooler which I wished to taste for many months already. I got a solo all-meat pizza while Lola indulged herself with a Lasagna. After eating, I noticed that I was already shivering because of the obvious chillness of the place.

By the way, I noticed Joan and Mary Joy together twice but had no chance on approaching them. I wonder what was their agenda last afternoon. I really wanted to draw closer to them but I was freakin’ glued on walking and had so much to think about like imagining that my brother was with me and everything. That’s impossible. I even tried to look at eveyone’s face just to make sure that Brian was not there. O, what a mindless mind I have!

Around five in the afternoon, my aunt (Ate Vivian) came from having an undertime on her office just to go with us on the course of buying stuffs. She apologized for coming late because earlier she mentioned that she’ll be with us by three o’clock. Her excuse was apparently acceptable; she felt pain on her body, thus she had to have a massage. I saw Rico of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition yet who cares?

We bought my Converse shoes called Retro Runner Ox which is so cool. The worst trouble I had, worse than having those long walks from one place to another, was the once in a while untying of my Bench shoes and then momentarily wearing of every shoes my aunt or I liked. How I wish I have my chucks next time!

Afterwards, we go to Yoshinoba to eat (again?) and there my attention was fully erupted on this person eating on the next table. I was gigantically confused if that person is a boy or a girl. With that person’s look (see, I can’t even have a proper pronoun), it was quite evident that he’s a he but if I look deeply on that pair of glasses, that bespectacled girl is a she. Yet I didn’t notice any bosom. I was totally upset to give up on determining what the person really is. Do I have to say it’s an alien?

We proceeded to Penshoppe to have a bag yet we moved to Bench to look there. Alright, I had this cute one, comfortably sitting on my bed right now. Then my aunt told me to look for a possible pants for me. So I had my pants. Also a shirt. So much for that. We went home. That’s it. Nice day.

Today’s damage: around 4k.


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