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5:45 pm | mementoes of a broken jonell

Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Hunyo 3, 2006

Should I stare blankly on the endless road I am taking? Why can’t I accept the truth that I am already lost. I can see the light but the darkness is still embracing me.

I am different. I am a weirdo. Why can’t I take it as it was given? Why can’t I face it?

But then there was hope. Someone happened to exist on my life. His arrival is the best thing that happened in my life. I was waiting for what appeared to be forever. I was constantly wishing upon the gleaming stars above that someday somebody like him would come to life.

Many people arrived one after the other but no one really reached the standards I am holding to. I thought they would be the one but no one was meant for me.

Until one day, I knew him from a close friend of mine. From that day forward, I had this thought in my mind that he will be the one who would fill the emptiness inside of me. I was right. Then, the first time we were able to communicate by the use of cellular phone, I was simulating the mundaneness of that crisp afternoon.

We suddenly became friends. My heart was rather very light on him. One time, an event put a wide smile in my face: he phoned me. That was the first time I heard his voice.

What’s funny is that we are so much alike. Thus, I considered him as a sibling. On the course of our growing friendship, beyond the unimaginable closeness we had despite of our distance, he treated me as a brother the same way I treated him.

We loved each other more than anyone else.

But then, everything has an end. He has to leave because he doesn’t reside here in the Philippines. However, I am not saying that the friendship between the two of us is coming to an end. It is just that we’ll be so far yet again from each other.

It really pierces my heart. So hard I can’t breath. I had to accept the truth. He’s leaving. But still in my heart he’ll stay.

He’ll always be my everdearest and one and only utol.

I will always love him.


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