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Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Hunyo 9, 2006

feb 16
It has been quite a long time since I had the chance to write posts. It is in the virtue of the circumstances which happened along the past days and weeks of scurrying school stuffs. Now, I just want to formally introduce myself to all of the readers.
I am Jonell B. Estillore, a simple fifteen-year-old guy who is seeking for jauntiness all throughout his life. I am a third-year what-will-happen-happens happy-go-lucky student of Rizal High School here in Pasig City. During my childhood, I can say that I had been longing for something in my life. A difficult struggle occurred once in a while yet every moment of my life I bear it. That kind of situation bothers me a lot. That yearning is caused by my family. I am a product of a broken family and its bonding, interaction, establishment of closeness and friendship, are what I am longing for a very long time.
Pero ngayon, tama na muna ang walang kakwenta-kwenta kong pag-iingles.
Ayoko munang pag-usapan yung tungkol sa Choral Interpretation kasi wala pa ako sa mood. Ayoko din munang pag-usapan ang field demo, at kung anu-ano pang kalokohan sa school.

feb 18
i have to prepare, diba? kasi naman i have to go to Every Nation this afternoon, then go to Megamall to meet a friend, then afterwards watch a movie with my two close friends. it would surely be a busy day for me. buti nga hindi ako pumunta sa may school this morning to help III-3 on the preparation of the Choral Interpretation. kung hindi e baka wala na akong maging energy all throughout.
yesterday was a very fine day (?). we had a free day in our Comp.Ed class and did nothing. i did not attend the mapeh class behind the gym as well as a few of my classmates who felt bored on doing that stupid things to be used on the field demo (the pompoms for the girls and the flags for the boys). our next class was Chemistry but even if Mrs. Nudo was not around, the reporting still went on. I wasn’t listening to the reporters, and was listening to the radio while texting instead. unfortunately, we had our Statistics and Math class which were boring and very boring respectively in which I had slept over the latter class. the fact that Pamela was pretending to be Brian made my frustrations that day swivel upward my nerves. i had seen her texting somethings which was exactly the same text which i received later on. hence, i can say that she was pretending to be brian. that thought became more complicated to analyze when brian called me up. i really wasn’t expecting him to call since i do think that he really doesn’t care about calling me up. choosing between pamela and i, brian would surely prefer calling pamela up the phone. i scurried towards a corner of the classroom and talked to “brian”. i really was not sure if the guy i have talked to is really my friend brian. confusion mingled in my mind. i was really apalled on what is happening. one thing transmuted me to be nosy: bakit parang may kasama si “brian” that time and every time i was saying or asking something e sinasabi niya iyon dun sa kasama niya. example i said sino kasama mo diyan and then i would here him whispering to the one he was with the same thing i have said. diba parang pinatawagan lang yung taong iyon. hindi kasi straightforward sumagot si “brian” kaya tuloy i became more inquisitive on thinking if that “brian” is really brian. i was totally agitated afterwards. anyways, joan and i went to pag-asa to buy our favorite pearl shake on our favorite store. iniwan namin yung bag namin sa presby then pumunta kaming study net kasama si monica. picture-picture kami. naka-isang oras din yata kami dun. pagbalik sa presby, wow! there i found joanne. my beloved longed friend. hayz. maya-maya fellowship na. ang saya-saya nga, e. it was really nice being a part of the church. i am coming back to the heart of worship. sana magtuluy-tuloy na. one thing bothered me nga pala. after looking at the cp of joanne e tinext ko ang kuya ko and after some minutes he replied this: sori busy kami e ung dalawa ko kasing pinsan na-kidnap for ransom!

feb 21
aba! ang ganda ng encantadia kagabi… grabe unang episode palang pala iyon akala ko doon na iikot sa teaser na ipinakita last friday ang story ng book 3. grabe talaga as in wala akong ibang masabi. saludo talaga ako sa gma sa paggawa ng mga makapandig-balahibong soap na tulad nito. excited na akong mapanood ang episode ngayong gabi.

feb 24
postponed ang field demo… nagkakagulo na sa pilipinas. madami pa akong dapat asikasuhin. pinakamatindi na dito ang one-act play na sa friday na mismo at ang pangangailangan ko sa parents.


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