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“One Who Knows Best”

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Hunyo 11, 2006

written last May 23, 2006

One depressing night, I accused God of not loving me. Why? Because of unanswered prayer.

I was counting on him, believing that I will get what I want as long as I believe I’ll have it. Moreover, I waited for it for almost half of my life. I spent a dull life with such agony that God is taking a nap every time I pray. And yes, I knocked as much as I could to discover that God didn’t want to open the door for me.

It truly tore my heart. I have to admit that the unanswered prayer made me lose faith in Him. It turned me to question God if He did love me. If He did, then why did He snub my request?

Ending: I didn’t put my trust on him. I forgot that God’s will is non-negotiable. And that is exactly why he does not answer us with just a mere YES… but with NO and oftentimes WAIT.

We may not understand it fully, but that is His mystery. Never lose hope. God’s lawn has an endless number of daffodils. You are free to pick one—and that’s hope. He may not give you everything but having Him with you is a thousand greater. He knows best.


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