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“Why Death Is Nice”

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Hunyo 11, 2006

written last May 23, 2006
I’ll die if I don’t get high grades.
I’ll die if I don’t buy that cloth.
I’ll die if she wouldn’t go out with me to see a movie.
I’ll die if I don’t surf the net.

I am a human, not a cat with nine lives but then I am still alive. Many times, I was chained and slaved by achievements, material things, hobbies and even lust. Everything turned out to be frustrating—no high grades, no recognitions by teachers, acid relationships, and drastic consequences—as I don’t get everything I wanted. The “me” dying for his needs and wants suddenly died. It appeared to be more than a physical death. I experienced a definitely different death.

The Lord emancipated me form my bondages by showing me the world in black and white. I realized how simple it is to live with no vivid colors, no high hues of red, yellow and blue, just plain. The black and white world is as simple as one can imagine it to be. It made me recognize God’s fantastic creations and made me thank Him more. We are not here on Earth for earthly things. Material things rot and fade away, worldly acts are not forever, and without doubt, money can vanish.

The death of the old me months ago was a marvelous experience as I accepted God as my Personal Lord and Savior. My life was completely changed by His grace and
was showered by His love.

The rest, as they say, was history.


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