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Dahil hindi plantsado ang buhay ng tao.

nakakatuwa talaga :-)

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Hunyo 11, 2006

Bigla na lang akong hinila ng aking lola papuntang Megamall para doon magsimba. Then, nung uwian na (aba…hindi isinalaysay ang mga nangyari…hmph), umuwi na ako sa aking bahay… ang STUDY NET. My true agenda is to research about Stoicheometry for my Adv.Chem. notebook pero hindi ko na yun napagtuunan ng pansin dahil sa pagbabasa at pagba-blog.

As usual, I opened my blog, my YM and my friendster. That’s a daily route, though. Subsequently, I opened Christine’s blog to see if she has a new post, but then I wasn’t able to read that short post of her because of what happened next. I returned to the window of my blog to see a comment from Christine. I appreciate it. Then, I did my minor agenda which is to post my archived writings (not to prolong my page but for the people to know me more in terms of my thoughts). After that, I noticed that there is a message in my tagboard. I opened the person’s blog and I was interested to read his post. Suddenly, I was writing a comment about that post which I had also posted here (see my previous entry). I don’t need to blatantly tell you about what I wrote because it just makes me mad…. grrr.

I was able to read naman Christine’s post… at masasabi kong nakakatuwa talaga. She noticed me. Kasi nagpapansin ako! This is what really happened– Upon entering Study Net, I noticed this girl, whom I eventually comprehended as a Rizalian, writing a blog on Blogger. I took my favorite unit and started doing stuffs. The idea about knowing who the girl is whirled swiftly in my mind and so I tried to peep on what the girl was doing. It took me some time to apprehend her URL (the address) because the computer she was using is the worst computer of all (it is my most hated computer because the monitor’s color is not clear, and even I, cannot fix the problem). Back to what I was saying, I failed to know her URL, but I didn’t stop on pondering how will I be able to read her blog. It made me fancy her blog because of 3 frantic reason: 1. She is a Rizalian; I am also a Rizalian. 2. I belong to Special Class and so is she and thirdly, it made me think that she loves writing. BOOM! I had an idea! I looked closely (not too close since I am just a foot away from her) to see the title of her post in the screen. It read: “NAKAKA AZAR”. Then, I searched for it. Then, alas! I then knew that I know this girl. Nivenix…. Nivenix…. christine and arvin… ooops! When I saw her picture, it made me think that I really know the girl… but she doesn’t know me. That’s the problem. I read all of her post and on and off I wrote comments. But then, I failed on my plan. I thought she is going to look around and then suddenly she’ll notice me reading her blog. Undone. Mission unaccomplished because she left to see her classmates. Later on, I saw Marvin Valentino, the brother of my elementary best friend, then he approached me. He saw me reading Christine’s blog and then he pointer her to me… Alam ko.. I was still reading her blog even though I was already done on doing so… Why? Nagpapansin lang po. And it was effective. I heard the murmurs from her classmates telling her that a guy was reading her blog. It painted a big smile on me.

And that was it. I just discovered her part that day after reading her latest post. Buti na lang hindi ako nag-Presby kundi nagkita ulit kami. Ahihi…

— 5:53 PM 6/11/2006


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