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independence day

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Hunyo 13, 2006

Kathleya and I joined the Celebration for the 108th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence. She was late on our meeting place. The program was held at the Liwasang Rizal. The program’s theme was Pagkakaisa Para sa Matatag na Republika. Everything was just like a wedding pictorial. Important people (or so are they?) were there just for the people to know that they are there. They were wearing Filipiniana dresses that really sucks. Imagine, they just go there to have a picture with the National Flag. Ahihi! How boring the program was! Pamela didn’t attend the GSP service for the said occasion. She told us she was sick (o, really?); we were worried for her so we told her not to come anymore (if ever she wanted to, for sure the program is already at its end). Upon knowing that she’s sick, we decided to go to her house, since her mother is not around. The only problem was that Pamela didn’t give the direction right away. Because of her clumsiness, Arnold, our best friend, saw us waiting for a jeepney. Hala! He was mad because he didn’t know we were there. Later on, we went to Pamela’s residence. It was the first time for me to enter her house. She cooked something which she was recapitulating to be Brian’s own dish. Subsequently, I got angry with Pamela, a few minutes after Arnold arrived, and so I, myself, went home. Alas! I was able to watch the newly-formatted Pilipinas Game K N B? Well, it’s thrilling, but I did not like the Jackpot Round. For me, the old one is better because it is a one-question-one-answer technique… unlike the new one. Well, that was my day. So much for that.

— 5:00 AM 6/13/2006


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