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The Worst Week Yet: How Things Boiled Up To Frustrate Me and How People Learned to Hate Me

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Hunyo 16, 2006

It is Friday: the most anticipated day of the week: last of the five consecutive gruesome days within the walls of Rizal High School. I do not know exactly if the use of two colons in a sentence is accepted, the way I use for that matter, in the modern English language. I got the idea from a novel by Clarlotte Bronte entitled Jane Eyre. So silly is the fact that I am here in Study Net, sitting on a monoblock chair, simulating a stupid person on jotting down his stupid rantings for his stupid blog, with his feet post-soaked in flood in the virtue of the previous malignant rain, and to tell the truth, bathed. I have to consider two things: First, heaven took the responsibility of crying for me; second, heaven was so mad at me for loathing the past four school days (Day 6-Day 9).

For the past four days, I was busy on accomplishing my UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test) form. On the course of finishing the four-page form, it took me some time to relinquish my time on reading and on surfish the net alike. I had to have four 2X2 pictures, I had to ask my Lola to pay P450 in PNB for the fee, I had to get my Ate Vivian’s Income Tax Return (ITR), and a lot more ‘I had to’s’. Good for me, I was able to pass it today.

Another thing which is too appalling and irritating is the mishap about the IV-pilot’s class schedule. We didn’t have formal skeds within this week and it really made us knowledgeless for four days. Up to now, I still ain’t sure about what is going to happen on Monday and also on the succeeding days; thus, lest the confusion will still be present among the three pilot classes of the Senior Year, we, students wouldn’t be able to comprehend well on the lessons.

to be continued…

— 6:11 PM 6/16/2006 (study net, computer no. 32)


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  1. that’s why it will never wor. Stacy Fabian.

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