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What’s the Essence of Celebrating Father’s Day When Your Father is not Around?

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Hunyo 18, 2006

I opened my eyes the moment I learned that it is yet another day with something missing. I looked around and realized that I have half-siblings, a mother, a father…but none of them are with me. I then closed my eyes and compelled myself to conceive that it is just a dream–a mere dream composed of unlimited action-packed adventures and unexplainable recurrences of tricky, flimsy events illuminating the compassion of one’s self towards his own rants. Expectly, I failed on achieving such aspiration tantamount on being the happiest man in the world. I failed because I cannot heed on the reality that I am an adversity-destroyed product of a broken family. So to speak, I am a stereotypical testament of an anticipated aftermath.

Soon, I apprehended that the third Sunday of June is the sought-after observance of Fathers’ Day. Concurrently, I knew what was missing, or rather, who was missing.

I have a little memento of my father and I being together when I was a kid. I know that he was the one who was there for me in those seem-to-be macabre episodes of the occurences of my asthma, and other illnesses for that matter. He was also there to carry me on his back or shoulder. He was there on those times I have to discover the importance of reading, writing, drawing and counting alike. He taught me how to walk when I was a child, how to chase a running Forest Gump, and how to be a son.

Call me a hypocrite if I say that I didn’t enjoy the presence of my father. Again, call me a hypocrite if I state something like ‘my father never cared’. For almost eight years now, he was not with me. Yes, he was here when I graduated in Elementary, yes, he was there when I went to Davao, but, no, I didn’t have the love I was wishing for. Now, can I tell all of you that ‘my father never cared’?

I always think myself as an outcast, a poorly outdrawn person who always bring bad luck. But then, as I continue my life and met with different people with singular personalities, with my uttermost respect to all of those who came and went on my life, I discovered that I am a fortunate person. People around me always regard me as a lucky fifteen-year-old guy who, even though away from his family, is taken cared of by a loving grandmother and a determined aunt. That doesn’t complete my blessings, according to them. They say that I have a potential in seeking my dreams and have a strong characteristic despite of the havoc I am still facing.

Now, I henceforth conclude that my family tumult is not a big lost. It is just a humungous lack.

To everyone who still have their father with them, show him how you really love him and while it is early, tell him that you are so grateful to have him as your father. Remember this: you are luckier than me because you have your father with you, lest things started to mess the table, pick the tramp and start cleaning the mess before it became too late.

Happy father’s day!

— 9:58 PM 6/18/2006 (PC)

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