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Rant about the Use of the English Language

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Hunyo 20, 2006

A teacher once asked his student to read an essay. The student scrutinized the paper handed to him and started browsing its body. Afterwards, the student lent the essay back to his teacher and observed “Ma’am, hindi ko po maintindihan!”

What do you think is the problem of the student?

Perhaps the reason behind what he said is that there are Filipinos nowadays who are not that capable of understanding the second official language of our country–which is English.

I am proud to be a Filipino… proud enough to say that Filipinos use the English language in a more accurate way, and to say the truth, more fluent that the other English-speaking countries. But then I still feel pity to those who cannot speak English in a good way. In a Tagalog slang term, for that matter, say Barok. The problem continually begin with grammar and ends in a paragraph construction confusion.

Another turmoil I see is the way some teeners speak English–they start it by constructing a Filipino sentence and then transcribe it to English word-per-word (and much to say, consider each Filipino word first before pondering the nearest English word in their vocabulary).

Stop. Look. Observe.

How I wish everyone of us can use the English language correctly and properly. One day, we will be able to be recognized worldwide if we are going to look forward to our country’s betterment.

— 1:16 PM 6/20/2006 (AVR, Rizal High School)


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