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Undetermined and Unhindered

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Hunyo 22, 2006

I should have known that, right?

(Never mind that question. I am supposed to be striking it with a line…)

Now, what. Everything is so perplexed and I think it will be hard for me to recapitulate.

Monday and Tuesday was absolutely wonderful. I attended the seminar/workshop administered by Mr. John Man, the founder of Smart Process International, entitled “Breakthroughs in Education”. Ma’am Sheila assigned four of us in the Fourth Year: Francesca (IV-1), Kathleen (IV-2), Angela (IV-3) and me.

At first, our principal mandated us to have only two participants from each year level. Francesca then phoned Ma’am Shei to ask what we should do. Francesca and I were appointed to stay. But then later on, the four of us stayed together and none of us was out of the team. I thought the seminar Ma’am Shei was talking last week is purely connected with Journalism, but then Mr. John’s aim was to improve the quality of our school. He was so incredible. I don’t repent attending to that 2-day seminar. The third and fourth year participants became closer. Cesca and I became closer (we were classmates in First Year). Alike, Kathleen and I became friends, and she started coining the word “tatay” upon me.

On the first day of the seminar, our team was mainly talking about “love”, particularly darting Kathleen on the head. We learned many things that day and our eyes were opened to the meaning of a good quality education. Moreover, Mr. John pointed to us the difference between brainstorming and blamestorming. The next day was pretty much fine because of the CTQ (Critical to Quality) thingimabob. I was laughing so hard that day because of the things that transpired, especially the idea that Mr. John looked, spoke and acted like Mr. Bean.

I was so sad that day because of the news I received coming from Ma’am Sheila that she is already going to resign effective on the first days of July. It filed up to the yet another bad news that the Debate class will be dissolved prior to the resignation of our valued Ms. Sheila O. Lachica. I was frustrated; my mind was yelling its utmost disgust. It seemed that my life is totally ruined. It left me undecided on where I am going now: English Journalism, Filipino Journalism or Enriched Math?

Wednesday arose its grudge upon me. Kathleya lost her phone… and soon, it was recovered. She thought she’d lost it, but the truth is that she let Ms. Lising, our P.E. teacher, handle it for her when she was about to jog with the class. Good for her, she found it, or else she would be certainly chided ceaselessly. Likewise, Madeleine was not well during our P.E. and so she was brought to the Clinic. By the way–why should I forget–I was injured because of that damn game in P.E. wherein we run around each poles… My left foot was painful while my right foot shoe was tainted with scratch. In the afternoon, we had the practice for the streetdance. Ms. Columbres, my First Year MAPEH teacher, was the teacher-in-charge. We had three trainors: Eric, Che and Nes. We finished that painstaking rehearsal at half past six, I suppose.

And now, as I am writing this post in Study Net, ain’t I suppose to be there for the practice? Well, I made up my mind that I am no longer interested in joining the streetdance.

I don’t want to explain why. Something tremendously terrible happened a while ago and it caused me so much anguish and guilt.

No more words. The end.

— 4:30 PM 6/22/2006 (StudyNet, computer no. 30)


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