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Does An Eclipse Occur When Three Stars Collide?

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Hulyo 3, 2006

12:14 am

He gave up. I am sure with that. I am also certain that he’s pretty much tired on his situation. I can’t even help him because I, myself, know that it would be better if I leave him alone this time. I don’t want to ruin his mindset. He has to learn how to manage his emotions and step a bit farther on the exact realization of truth. No one is obliged to blame him. Not even me.

She realized her mistakes. She accepted the truth that she is already tired on being hurt because of what she feels towards him. She’s too exhausted on waiting. But actually one of her feet is instilled underneath the ground. She doesn’t want to lose him even though she never really had him.

He responded. He wants to be free from her. He wants to be away from her and forget everything because he thinks those things are just going to mess everything up again. He has to continue on doing things he never repented to do. He’s so frustrated he doesn’t want to loathe his failures. He wants her to know what he feels inside… not just because he knew that she is already tired on waiting.

She opens her eyes and ponders. I just do not know if she’s on this course at this point of time. It’s not about having a safe answer on every possible chances. That’s the important thing she has to think by now.

Me? I do not know. I am still confused. About him. About her. About them. Simulation might occur… probably. Perhaps, I’ll learn how to control my heart this time. God bless the three of us.


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