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Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Hulyo 14, 2006

Always happy together–that’s how people around them describe Joseph and Denise. They were best friends since the time they met each other. They were classmates from First Year to Fourth Year. It’s amazing they made a rather strong foundation when it comes to the friendship they’d treasured.
But the togetherness between them became minimal as of the moment Denise had his first boyfriend. His name is Alex: a young-looking, handsome, matinee-idol type of guy who was in the pilot class. He was assumed to be the best writer in their campus since he frequently bag awards and recognitions from different contests… and he is vying to be the Class Valedictorian of their batch. Denise didn’t expected him to woo her so painstakingly to the extent that he always go to her classroom every end of the class to talk to her and, apparently, to accompany her on going home. The course of courting ended up on her sweetest reply to the knight-in-shining-armor sort of intelligence shown to her by Alex. His love letters to her Juliet became her most precious mementoes.
Unlike other friendships, which have a propensity to stumble when either of two came to the point of committing himself to a partner, Denise and Joseph were still best friends. He even reminded her to be loyal to Alex because according to him, loyalty is one of love’s greatest secrets. Of course, a nice girl like Denise would follow a nice counsel. She appeared to be the most elated girl in the world! She was so happy to have a wonderful boyfriend.
One time after school, as Joseph was having a power nap on his residence to recuperate, he heard a very loud knock on the door. He swiftly opened his eyes and moved toward the door to open it. Faster than a split second, the one who was knocking earlier hugged him. It was Denise! It took him some moments to realize that she was crying. It was a different strongly felt emotion. He caressed his best friend and led her to go inside. No questions. Silence. The hollers of a gloomy girl burst incessantly until the time she paused for a while to explain to him what happened.
“Joseph, please listen to me…”
“Yes, I am listening. Please tell me what happened. I don’t understand why you are crying this much. We were happy a while ago…”
“Joseph, Alex lied to me,” cried Denise and hurriedly cuddled my back. “I saw him with someone else… I saw him kissing Lea! I was so stupid to believe on all of his promises. He made me believe that I am his only one.”
Joseph was speechless. Instead of speaking, she embraced his best friend fervidly. He couldn’t believe what happened…
As days passed, Denise learned to forget Alex. But why is it that Joseph seemed to be missing? She had no contact with her best friend since the day he broke up with Alex. She tried to ask Joseph’s relatives about him but they had no idea about where he could be staying. She didn’t lose hope to know where he is. By chance, she met a close friend of Joseph and she knew from him that Joseph is staying at someone’s house for the meantime. She asked why and the reply was that Joseph is busy doing something important. She compelled him to tell her Joseph’s exact location but he refused, thinking that Joseph might get angry.
Denise induced herself on having the conclusion that Joseph had forgotten her. But then, one day, she received a text message coming from his longed best friend saying “I AM HOME”. She hastily went to his house and alas! Joseph was there, staying cool and confident, smiling. They clinched each other as if they never met for a thousand years with the utterance of the line “I miss you, best friend”. They spent the rest of the day together on his house.
The sun fall off, and the night quickly reined the sky. Denise and Joseph were obviously enjoying each other’s company when somebody rung the bell. He volunteered to open the gate yet she was the first one to go out and so he just let her see who rang outside.
It was Alex! He was undoubtedly mad!
He went briefly inside the house and aggressed with Joseph. He gave Joseph a powerful punch on the face. Joseph was startled and took a gruesome second to apprehend that Alex was attacking him. Denise came inside and saw the two guys fighting, seeking clout after clout. Joseph took the lead; he was able to counterattack his sudden opponent who occasionally dangled with illuminating curses. Joseph prepared a strong might to have his final knock that made Alex’s face bleed, and messed up the whole place. Denise wanted to shout for help but was frozen on her spot. At last, somebody heralded a morsel of what was really happening.
“How dare you, Joseph! I can’t believe you’re going to ruin our friendship!” Alex roared. Joseph’s strokes didn’t stop him from being amuck.
Denise was still iced. She was petrified when Alex looked at her with his fiery eyes, his forefinger straight ahead on her. She was afraid he would harm her.
“Your best friend is such a great guy, Denise, and so are you!” He glanced at Joseph. “He stole my girl friend away from me… You just don’t know how it feels to lose my girl… And so you shall pay for what you did!”
Simultaneous with his last word, Alex revealed from his pocket a two-handed knife and shortly stabbed thrice in the belly the agonized Joseph who was then down in the floor. Denise couldn’t resist; she screamed for help, but the help she was desiring arrived transiently after Alex had run away, still cursing his victim.
Before somebody totally helped her to bring Joseph to the nearest hospital, Denise held his best friend’s head on her lap.
“I–I’m sorry I didn’t tell you thi–this,” he said, stammering and gasping. “When I was not here, I–I attempted to be close to Lea… I pursued to court her. I want to fight you back against what Alex did to you… He hurt you so badly–I didn’t want you to be–so sad…”
Blood was present. The distressing oozes of it and the unexpected event lanced Denise’s mind. She was crying up to the minute Joseph was brought to the Emergency Room. Speculations rambled inside her mind but the idea of having a lot of questions just made her frantic. It was clearer to her. Her best friend fought her back because he didn’t want her to be so disturbed. She sobbed even more.
She learned from the doctor that Joseph was critical. When she was permitted to go inside his room, she sat beside him and held his hand tightly. She stared at her sleeping best friend. In that case, sparks of precious memories of the two of them dashed beyond unimaginable boundary. Every inch of her was sad.
“Please don’t leave me, Joseph. Please don’t.” She rested her head on his hand and closed her eyes. Abruptly, she felt a hand combing her hair. She looked at the hand and knew it was Joseph’s. She embraced him, no longer crying but was still obviously melancholic.
There was a gap of silence between the two of them. She looked at his face and saw him smiling his best grin ever. He held her two hands together with his, still having that broad smile.
“I know you regard me as a sibling and I am grateful with that. I’m happy to be your best friend. But then, I treat you more than that, that’s why this happened to me… I want you to know that I am not forcing you to love me… I just want you to know how much I love you.”
As his last words were fading, his eyes were then having their final bows. His eyes were shut; his hand loosened hers. The least thing she could do was to kiss him goodbye…

— 11:11 PM 6/18/2006 (PC)


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