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august 18 – lights, props, action!

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Agosto 18, 2006

I need to be serious enough this time. I am certainly cramming! Four hours before midnight and I still haven’t written my rants. I need to have a post for today or else I’ll commit a suicide! Nope. Too exaggerated. So platonic. Anyway, let’s get into it!

I felt the depth of fervency running through my veins as I was thoroughly drinking the bottled water my aunt had handed me. I was on her pad this afternoon to help her; she and her husband is transferring to an apartment not that far from our house. I remembered that I have a lot of stuffs to finish. And one of those is the upcoming (no kidding!) book presentation for my English class.

I was not born to be a director; I am living to be one. My first experience was when I was in my first year of the gruelsome high school life. That was a Nancy Drew story. And believe it or not, I was the best narrator on our class. Since then, I had made my classmates believe that I am good at directing and scriptwriting.

Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag is a beautiful Filipino novel that amazed me sometime in 2003–the second project that was given to me. It was a great experience since I had to manage the whole class to cooperate on the things to be done and on how the actors should act. Those were the days when I learned to make excuses, excuses and excuses (not that much juxtaposed with how I do it these days!). We didn’t win in the elimination, but it was a good fight!

The third book presentation was not actually pertaining to the usual dramatization thingy. It was for the cause of a no-to-smoking campaign. So fortunately, we won on the competition mainly because of my intelligence: I opted to secretly scrutinize the regulations of the competition and exerted the best of me.

Then comes my sophomore year at Rizal High School. I directed The Lightkeeper’s Daughter. The presentation somehow amazed my classmates. Well managed and well presented, as they say it. I was the Best Director of the class. Months later, I helped on directing our Grease musical though I was not assigned to be the leader.

During my third year… I directed Hamlet for the first grading period of our English class. At the same time, I had the role of Hamlet. It was a tough job for me yet it resulted on my being in love with Shakespeare’s works. Eventually, I was held as the Best Director of the class. My group had the most of the awards. On the second grading period, I insisted on having Romeo and Juliet as our presentation. I worked hard for it, really. I was the director, I was the scriptwriter, and I was Romeo. Our presentation was so much awaited by everyone, having the idea that I produce quality-plays. What a success! I was the Best Director! I was the Best Actor! We were the Best Group! And I had the Best Actress (the one who played the mother of Juliet). I really miss those days… practicing, memorizing lines…

And now what? I have to lead a seven-minute book presentation! And I have to move as soon as possible. I loathe my classmates (and even my ex-classmates) everytime they expect too much from me especially when it comes to presentations like these. But then, I was, in all honest, proud to say that I made a name already. And I will stick to that until next time.

THANKS: Kevin, Tsina, Sorbetera, Heneroso, Kamille, Karla, Katrina, Marelle, Fllnngl, Kim, Camille, Cynel, Vieira, Yna (2), Jak.

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