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august 22 – letter from father

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Agosto 22, 2006

Sixteen months ago I was on Davao. I thought I would be happy there… with my father, with my siblings. I thought it is better to leave my high school life in Pasig and begin a new one there. But then I was not composed by that mere illusion of happiness. I begged my aunt to let me return to Pasig. I didn’t lose hope. After nine bitter days in Davao, I flew back to Pasig. Across arranging my bags, I noticed his letter to me. Please allow me on correcting his wrong grammar. Here it is:

I assume you are looking for it in this area of my post. You could be wondering right now. Sad to say, I decided to keep it as a secret for now, as reprimanded by Jayce. I didn’t even think about it first. Nothing has influenced me on having the letter here in my blog yet I posted it. Sorry, readers. It’s just that I don’t want the letter to be a tearjerker or whatsoever for your part.

There’s no more bitterness in me. I have forgiven my parents for what they have done in my life. They ruined my life. Part by part I fell without them, every inch of me longed to be with them, yet everything boiled down to being a dream.

They made me realize how parents are important in the life of a teenager like me. Every time I see families who are joyful, every time I walk across seeing a father-and-son bonding, I fall down on my tears. I am jealous. Why on earth should I be in this kind of situation wherein I lack air to breath and wherein I lose hope each day.

I cannot deny the fact that I miss them. Everyday without them is like every thorn being pierced inside my heart. It hurts a lot to realize that my figure about a family is illusional.

THANKS AND APOLOGY: Yna, Cai, Cars, Dutzy, Aaronjames, Jam, Alyanna, Jheanne, Lea, Jinjiruks, Rachelle, Zords, Christina, Juice, Phoebe, Jason.


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