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her moods swing

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Oktubre 25, 2006

Standing aloof on the apparently wet earth near our classroom, as I was nearly watching the hoopla making ear-cracking sounds now and then, a figure came close to me. Every inch of her made me shiver. Yes, it was her who was drawing to me. She took out something from her bag–a treasure.

Is this the end, I asked myself.

I then moved across the earth and opened the treasure. I swiftly turned its pages to know its content. Then BLAST! It was a traumatic revelation which I do not want to ignore. She wanted me to give her time. She wanted some long time for her to think about everything. She said her trust is fading away, not on me, but with that someone I entrusted the treasure one time which made this thing drastic for me.

Trust is very important. I am blaming myself that I entrusted the treasure to someone who will betray me. Instead of merely giving the treasure to her, she gave it to this someone. Oh well, how I wish I never lend the treasure to this someone.

All I got to do now is to wait. I will wait for that time in which she will be okay. It may took long serious time but I will still wait. I will never be gone. Never.

7 Tugon to “her moods swing”

  1. CeEjAy said

    hehe.. sabi nga ng mga friends ko.. actually lahat kami kwela..
    hehe.. nice post btw.. about trust.. important tlga yan sa relationship with other people

  2. talksmart said

    thanks sa visit…link mo ako ha? 🙂

  3. tina said

    Trust is an essential.

    Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong. With trust, words become life itself.

  4. tresebry said

    tnx for visiting my site! ililink na din kita! 😀

  5. rHo said

    thanks sa pagdaan sa site ko! balik ka ulit ha para masaya… hehehe!

    TRUST.. yan ang pinaka-importante sa isang relationship dahil dyan mo makikita kung magtatagal ba kayo or wat?! pero syempre db?! para magtagal kailangan meron nito!

  6. Balong said

    Ei! tnx for dropping by the retreat ha….
    will link ur site sa bagong baha koko 😀

  7. CeEjAy said

    oi.. sagutan mo naman ung test ko.. lead singers test..

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