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hunger proves poverty

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Nobyembre 2, 2006

The recent survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) indicated that 16.9 percent of some 17.4 million households (each having about 5 members) were hungry at least once over the past three months.

SWS said in a statement that the results of the survey showed that while some families managed to cross the borderline of poverty, other families began to suffer the deep deprivation of hunger.

So, what’s the real problem behind this? Is this the result of the purported economic growth being flaunted by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or is it the real image the whole country, including the countries having affairs with us, ought to apperceive?

As we can see, the Philippine peso has been continually jabbing throughout its fight against the dollar value. The highest level of peso in four years hit the financial markets at 49.73 to the US dollar due to hefty remittances from OFWs. President Arroyo at a press briefing in Hong Kong yesterday said that she expects the peso to continue to rise.

More so, the Philippines has been connected to more of its trade partners like Japan considering the controversial Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). With these and more, we can accept unstintingly that our country is moving faster. But then how can we say that our country is starting to gain more conventionality if its populace is getting hungrier?

“The poverty rate is down, the per capita income is at an all-time high and we are on track for a balanced budget,” the president said during the 3rd Asean-China Expo held on Nanning, China last Tuesday, October 31.

The Philippines is a Third World country–its the truth all of us should accede. If the Filipinos are going to let our government rule over us and let their power be recognized abundantly, we can be rest assured that as we continue to progress, each one of us will benefit on the triumph of national improvement.


13 Tugon to “hunger proves poverty”

  1. Tea said

    you know, the more someone benefits, the more some are deprived of the things that they need.

    and there is absolutely no country without poverty. it’s a general truth. government may try as hard as they can, but heck! we cannot abolish poverty fully.

    and you know what, if you’d just depend solely on the government, and you yourself would not move for your own future, you sure are going to die a poor folk.

  2. Tea said

    and yeah, i like the way you say things.

    add me in ym: althea_kish

  3. Rowjie said

    hello! i’m moving to soon…


  4. Talamasca said

    Hello? I’m sorry to say but hell yeah it’s my blog and I have the right to say absolutely EVERYTHING THE WAY I WANT TO. At least I write laugh-worthy stuff, UNLIKE you who just babbles about yawn-inducing, regurgitated shit from gawd-knows-where.

    And excuse me but did I even send you an invite to read my blog? Guess I did not. So shut up, blogwhore.

  5. mcaethen said

    sorry, you cant post any comment in my blog. it was converted to blogger beta; and comment enabling does not work. hope to hear some response from you all bloggers out there.

  6. tina said

    Government is institutionalized dehumanization. 🙂

    Whatever program it does… it either leads to war, poverty, greed and terrorism.

    People cannot “grow” if we have social structures and a dehumanized government.

    And without “growing” no one gets to the next level of abundance.

  7. Tess Termulo said

    Hmmm…interesting insight.

    I voted for you.

  8. ikay the dancer said

    iba level ng post mo. hindi kaya intindihan ng utak ko. lol.

  9. Bam the Great said

    Hear, hear!

    Studying International Political Economy, the current economic status of the Philippines IS improving as of this quarter.

    And hunger is not necessarily tantamount to poverty. Majority of the population may be experiencing this but it is not equal to the thought that Philippines is one hopeless country.

    The status quo indicates that unemployment/under-employment promotes to the detriment of the country but we, as average reasonable individuals, should understand that we belong in a capitalist state.

    And that is how exactly it works.

  10. mr. tuesday said

    binasa ko ung mga comments.. mejo nareveal ung pagkatao mo sa isang comment na nasa taas.. pero humahataw ka ha.. close fight kayong 3 ha.. napagod na nga si denib sa kakakampanya sa amin eh.. kahit si kim, naeeelibs sayo..

    in relation to the post..
    sabi nga ni cofibean.. make poverty history (i think iba ang ibig sabihin nun para kay cofi)
    pero minsan talaga.. naiiisip ko kung bakit ako ipinanganak sa pilipinas.. ganun ganun.. pero ngaun.. parang mejo frustrated ako sa mga nagmimigrate sa ibang bansa.. iniiwanan nila tayo na magresolba ng problema ng bansa.. iniwan lang tayo sa ere.. pero wla tayong mgagawa.. kung talagang nangangailangan ay kailangan na rin natin iwanan ang ibang mga pilipino at umalis na lang dito..

  11. majoy said


    ur mind is working na2man., ilang beses na ring naging tugma ang lumalabas sa ating pagiisip. pero ngaun,, ahmm.. oo nga! my government nga tau.. pero tanggapin na ntin na napaka walang kuwenta ng government na yon!

    ang bansang ito, o mismong ang sarili mo ay nd lng dapat nakaasa sa government. mabu2hay pa nman tau khit walang government eh! pero, ang government – malamang malumpo kpag nd nakatagggap ng pera ng mamamayan nila!

    – un lang.. salamat ulit sa pagaayos ng blog ko..

    Friday, November 03, 2006 6:17:44 PM

  12. hazimeister said


    its gaining more.. for rich people.

    its still the same and well is still in deep sh*t to those already are starving.


    those running the country cant supposedly say or feel the “hunger” of what majority of the Filipinos are experiencing right now since they’ve been munching into the peoples money and devouring into supposedly “for the peoples funds”.

    maghihirap ba sila with a trillion-ish pork barrel for the next year? or was it for this year still?

  13. mr. tuesday said

    di ako nanonood ng bakekang eh.. kapamilya ako! yehey! nominated na tayong dalawa! hehe

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