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fortieth episode

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Nobyembre 3, 2006

Before going home from school, Krystal (Lovi Poe) saw a silver car halted near her. Inside it bore a girl she assumed to be her missing sister, Charming (Yasmien Kurdi).

Meanwhile, Bakekang (Sunshine Dizon), with the help of her best friend Marta (Manilyn Reynes), was alighting furnitures and the like from her house saying that the reporters were soon to come. Subsequently, Krystal arrived together with Otik, a friend of Bakekang, and swiftly reported to her mother that she had seen Charming. Bakekang did not believe this and stressed that it was a mere figment of Krystal. Bakekang told Krystal that the reporters were coming and reminded her “to cry” once she press her daughter’s hand. Krystal wondered about her mother’s reminder but can no longer complain.

On the spur of the moment, a number of reporters came and were welcomed by Bakekang and Krystal. As they entered the house, Krystal was surprised to see that the furnitures, the sofa, the karaoke, displays–all were gone saved for some monoblock chairs reserved for the guests. The reporters were as well stunned with the unseemly sight of poverty. Bakekang told the reporters that the only source of income they have comes from Krystal alone and that the money her daughter gets from TV appearances fills their stomachs. She even told them that Marta is her landlady, which is not true. Of course, Krystal “cried” as Bakekang was frantically telling her guests that they are so poor, that she is sick and her medicines are expensive, etc.

For the time being, Charming was with Rita (Lotlot de Leon) on a grocery store. Rita is her benefactress who was with her inside the car previously, the one who raised her spitefully. The latter wanted to buy sweets for a life-size doll whom she regard as her daughter. Charming had the chance to escape from her wicked benefactress but she failed to.

At the kitchen at home, Charming met a friend by the form of a rat which she put on a container. She was telling the rat about the cruelty of her benefactress and her madness toward Bakekang for selling her. She then realized that she detests the idea of locking someone just like Rita locking her everytime the former goes, so she freed the rat.

Back to Bakekang’s residence, after the reporters had gone, Krystal was crying because of Bakekang’s disbelief earlier about Charming. Krystal said that she can’t see that her mother loves her twin, then if she does, why is it that she’s not moving to have Charming back.

When Lorraine (Nadine Samonte) went to see her father Kristoff (Jay Manalo), he reminded her daughter to be kind to poor people. In effect, Lorraine began to give money to beggars who approach her.

The next day, before Rita went, she had reminded Charming to keep the house clean and warned her of watching television. Charming decided to sit and watch instead of cleaning the house, ignoring the fact that Rita would get mad at her.

The result of Bakekang’s gimmick was laudable. The producer of Lorraine’s show pulled the young actress out and opted to take Krystal in its place. Valeria (Sheryl Cruz), Lorraine’s mother, became frustrated and swore that she will take vengeance.

Bakekang, being haunted by Krystal’s words, went to the studio of Damayan, a TV program, to call the attention of her missing daughter, Charming. Fortunately, Charming had watched the show and was in tears to know that her mother is looking for her.

Unknown to Charming, Rita went back to the house to get something.

Charming became decided to escape from Rita’s hands. She went to the kitchen to look for something that might help her on getting outside. Having a hammer, she hurriedly went to the doorway, but before she got there Rita was going downstairs and realized that Charming wanted to escape. Rita tried to grab the hammer but instead, the hammer knocked her head. Rather than exiting the house, it came to Charming’s mind that she didn’t mean to knock Rita. No longer unconscious, Rita stood up, wailed over Charming that she can never escape, and hit the poor girl with the hammer.


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  1. Loverboy™ said

    ikwento daw ang bakekang. name na “sefree” ba kita ililink? si arnel pala to ah.

  2. Loverboy™ said

    loverboy yun ah.. wahaha.. ambilis ko kasi magtype.

  3. purple princess said

    hello there..

    aba, sinusubaybayan ko yang bakekang..

    haha, hindi ko alam kung dapat bang maawa o mainis kay bakekang..

    hehe.. btw, do you mind if i link you?

  4. Queen Paranoia said

    ay! napanood q to! haha!

    sinusubaybayan q kaya bakekang..kaya lang minsan hindi q lam kung maaawa ba q sa kanya or what..

  5. denib josette said

    hays.. di kita kilala.. magkikita tau? saan naman? tsktsk..

  6. potpot said

    hmm.. hehhe.. fan ka siguro ng bakekang nuh?? hahaa.. 🙂 aus ah!! hehehe.. ikwento mo na din pati super inggo..

  7. ghee said

    ok,i did vote for you 😀
    thanx for dropping by 😛

  8. rina said

    naks:) dumaan lang:D

  9. Tea said

    what’s with bakekang?

  10. talksmart said

    2nd place on the voting….you can still claim an award for that 🙂 congrats!

  11. utakgago said

    nasan ako?

    waaaah. ikwento daw ba ang bakekang, wahehe. but nice… ahmm.. writing. maganda yung pagkakakwento mo.

    ang haba nga lang. tsaka di ako makarelate kasi di naman ako nanonood ehh!! :((

  12. -pAm- said

    naku naku naku…pasensya ka na at malalait ko ang bakekang…hehehe…

    ayoko talaga ang kwento niya..^_^

    sige. hanggang dito na lang.hehe…baka ano pa masabi ko..

    salamat sa pagdaan!!=)

  13. p-a-t-t-y said

    wow. that was a lot of effort. i’m sorry but i don’t watch that. oh well, thanx for the comment by the way 🙂 link ex?

  14. Charisse said

    Ei sefree..i really do appreciate ur comment and for dropping by my blog. hmm..can we exchange links and be blog buddies?

    i like ur lay..
    “Jesus, we’re living for Your name”

  15. BRAD said

    salamat din sa pag visit.. ill link u up din.. im going to release my book by december… sana support mo ha… finalist din ako sa manila critics book award… my book title is BULONG… tnx…

  16. blueengreen said

    waw fan ng bakekang… .hahahahaha… isa ka sa mga endangered species…. hahahahahaha… joke lang… sori pero kapamilya ako… anyway… if you’re really interested in the show… go on…. wala namang masama… sori kc di ako maka-relate dun sa post mo… hehehehhehehe….

  17. Tsina said

    helo! salamat pala ulit sa pag daan! heheh nanunood ka nun.. ako kasi wala akong pinapanood 😛

  18. lynlyn said

    waw! bakekang! hehe… di ako nanonood pero kilala ko naman yung characters… hehe.. ayus yan!


  19. admin said

    One way, Jesus! ur d only one that i cud liv 4. hehehe

    anyhow, got new url. i moved-in to nw blogspot. hehehe paki change ung link ko ahh

  20. pArUPaRoNgNiNgNinG said

    hi… xenxa na… hindi na ako gaanong nakakapagpost.. hehe… lack of money eh… neweiz… we have to move on nga pero it’s hard to do such thing… neweiz ulet… tnx sau dahil hindi na ako nakakapanood ng bakekang kaya tnx sau alam ko na yung nangyari… pede poh b kitang i-link????

  21. lol said

    di aku nanunuod ng ba-ke-kang pero sikat siya sa skul namin.

    btw, link eks tayo!

  22. lol said

    …^ ako din yung nasa taas. n_n

  23. xoxiRiSH_29xox said

    ahaha..aus ah ikwentod2ba ung episode ng bakekang!!HEHE..just dropped by!!

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