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rages from the heart

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Nobyembre 7, 2006

Have you ever felt angry at anyone that is not your friend, at the very least?

Well in my part I have been angry at so many times recently because of my ill-tempered natured. It’s just that I can’t handle myself; I can’t control the burst of emotion spluttering all over the place just because of my anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong. At the first place, I am not tolerating the act of being angry at anybody. Who am I to influence your thoughts? But then I am here to acknowledge my deep temperament.

I always get high-blooded everytime I see this person inside the classroom. This person is a “he” whom I assume, as well as my co-this-person-hater, to be a “she”… hmm.. sounds fishy. If you are my classmate, you may infer that who I am talking about is a not so well known individual in terms of academic accelerations. Moreover, this person is so frustrating that anyone of you can notice what I am about to say.

This person is so pesky. Let me draw a situation… As the teacher goes inside the classroom, he will be in front of the teacher’s table and will undoubtedly wait for the teacher to notice him and would talk nonsense. You know..he’s so papansin. He’s not that type of person that will crave for attention so much like a child having attention deficiency.

What is really irritating about his attitude is his facial expression everytime he recites on class–it is as if he knows everything in this world, that once failed to give the right answer will try to subject for revival.

Bragging aside, I’m smarter than him and everyone knows that. I’m not competing with him, so to speak. It’s a matter of knowing your level on the community you are living at. Higher kind of people will always be on top else they fall by virtue of backbiting. Oh, I’m digressing to a more important talk-about here. That’s all I could say now.


9 Tugon to “rages from the heart”

  1. Tsina said

    wala lang… oo nagalit na ako… ay di pala nagalit… NAIYAK… di ko kayang mag RAGE sa puso… PATURO!!! 😦

  2. tina said

    Hey easy on your feelings 🙂

    Another person cannot upset you
    or affect your attitude without your permission.

    Breathe in Breathe out, and take care 🙂

  3. Rowjie said

    hey! bakit ayaw po sa firefox ng blog mo po? 😦

  4. Tea said

    it’ll pass, EVENTUALLY.

    just be there, in case he’ll need you.

  5. Doubting Thomas said

    awww yeah! been angry… well, make that mad!!! mad at many people whom i do not know.

    just for the reason that. i hate the way they look.

  6. denib josette said

    hays. tama ang hinuha ko. hidi pa rin kumukupas ang galing. 😀

  7. The Web in My Head said

    ei…lemme go ahead and (finally) link your blog to the new one. e-mail me the deets, coz i need to know a few deets. if you don’t know my e-mail add, drop by the new blog and i’ll hit ya back with a message.

  8. blueengreen said

    napadpad ako sa blog mo dahil una kang napadpad sa akin… nais ko sanang mas mapadalas pa ang padpadan natin kaya inaalok kitang makipagpalitan ng links sa akin… un ay kung ok lang….
    rages from the heart… is icarus’ blog title… kaya akala ko you’re posting something in relation to his blog….
    anyway…may mga tao talagang hindi natin ka-wavelength kumbaga… that no matter how hard we try… we still can’t get along with them… so i think the best way to stop being pissed off… is to stay away from them as much as possible…

  9. paeng said

    nalink na kita.. 😀

    hinay hinay lang ah….

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