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the message

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Nobyembre 8, 2006

I believe that I can now control my temper… but not to the degree wherein I won’t feel bad.

It was totally unexpected, though I am really waiting for something like this to transpire. I am talking about what happened during our Physics class last morning. My Physics teacher told us to get a piece of paper and write a message or two for anyone inside the classroom.

Of course, I knew what would happen. As a matter of fact, this message thingimabob happened already last grading period, and so I expected what I should expect.

For some of my classmates, they took it very lightly; they kid through their messages like saying this person is cute or that person has a crush on this. Very light it seemed saved on a message directly bombarded to me.

The message went something like this:

“Hoy, nakakainis ka! Tigilan mo na ang pagpapapansin mo. Kung magpapapansin ka lang din huwag kang sulat nang sulat sa blackboard. Ang laki talaga ng ulo mo! Nakakairita ka! Sabi nga nila matalino ka, ang laki ng ulo mo… Ang laki ng ulo mo… Ang laki ng ulo mo!”

Those last words reverberated on my ears; it was no music to me.

Everyone knows who wrote that message, as well as that everyone knows that I am being catapulted by that appalling message.

This has no connection with that person I am talking about on my previous post. To put in bluntly, I disregarded the idea of giving a message to that person last morning because I think it would be nicer if I would write a message for myself, which I truly did!

After our Physics class, I induced myself on continue reading Les Miserables. The prints were glowing on my sight as I was thinking over the occurence of the premise. Many of my classmates approached me and tried to comfort me, saying that I shouldn’t think about that.

Well, I am not mad at the person who wrote that, it’s just that I am mad at the path he is on nowadays. He was not like that when I was friend to him.

We were best friends then.


11 Tugon to “the message”

  1. Tea said

    he did that?

    never mind him. with the path he’s treading right now, we can never really tel what’s going on with his mind.

    just forgive.

  2. -pAm- said

    hayaan mo na..haha…pero cant blame you. kahit ako maiinis kahit pano

  3. juno said

    ok ang sentimyento natin ha! ahehehe..
    ok naman ako. kaw, musta na? cge lets kip in touch! cge exchange links


  4. juno said

    baka nga pla di ka makabalik sa blog ko, kaya eto:

  5. Tsina said

    alam mo may galit rin ako sa isang tao… pero di ko naman siya gaganyanin… katulad nung ginawa sayo…


  6. Loverboy™ said

    bayaan mo na lang siya..
    ok lang yun..
    lagay kang tagboard uy, haha.. hinahanap hanap ko yung tuwing lumilipad ako. walang runway haha..

  7. Doubting Thomas said

    hay naku. ang mga tao talaga ngayon noh?! nakakainis.

    kaya dapat nang matinding konsentrasyon. dahil kung hindi… pimples lang ang aabutin mo. hehe.

  8. tina said

    oh well.. ganyan talaga minsan ang life.

    take care.. and be Blessed

  9. Rowjie said


    lumipat na po ako!


  10. ikay the dancer said

    awww.. bad. nakakainis nga naman peo hayaan mo na.. 🙂

    forgive. and pray for that sum1.

  11. Camille said

    bayaan mo na yung taong yun.

    sobrang ang ganda ng les miserables!

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