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the looking glass

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Nobyembre 16, 2006

Cold air, darkness, and unpredictable havoc covered the moonless night. I found myself stranded on a quiet forest that is apparently abandoned by Mother Nature. In a moment, I came up to the realization that I am lost…

One thing for sure is that one can’t find me on a library browsing Science books. It’s not that I hate Science; matter-of-factly, I loved Physics I when I was on my third year and recently, I am enjoying my Advanced Chemistry class. Though I am not affliated with Science in any way, I want to pursue a dream with its help–a dream that can be considered worthy if given consideration and attention. I am no inventor but I want to create a tool which could help a lot of people experiencing the same problem as mine.

With sparks of magic and morsels of gargantuan amount of effort and patience, time wil come that I would have the blueprint I am perceiving. I’m not after the impressions and marvels of people; all I want is to help myself and to help the people around me alike.

I want to create a mirror–a not-so-ordinary mirror that can show one’s inner self. I have been living my grueling life for fifteen years already, and of all those years, let me confess to you that I still haven’t found myself. The real me is still unknown. A big problem, though, so I thought of inventing the said mirror.

How I wish I could make this magic mirror show a person’s true identity. How I wish this could reveal the real personality of one’s self. If only I can look through this magic mirror now and then to put an end on my doubts and fears that have been keeping me caged inside the angst-ridden forest.

I want to get out.

12 Tugon to “the looking glass”

  1. jo said

    “I have been living my grueling life for fifteen years already, and of all those years, let me confess to you that I still haven’t found myself.” sa tingin ko, wala pa naman talagang tao na nakakikilala sa sarili niya ng lubusan… so cheer up! kaya mo yan… ^^

  2. Tsina said

    maraming salamat sa pag daan, kung gusto mo akong kausapin… ok lang sakin 🙂 salamat sa pagtangkilik sa blog ko 🙂

    ingat ka palagi! alam kong mahirap ang buhay nang mga “teens” dahil isa rin ako diyan 🙂

  3. -pAm- said

    chill! cheer up!:) ako 18 grueling years..=) and still, i see life as a continuous battle. i complain but never give up..=D^_^

  4. Tea said


    all through our life, we come encounter this. i mean, grueling as it may be, it’s life. even i still am not fully aware of who i really am.

    it’s when we survive obstacles that we realize our potential and see what we can do. get pass this point and you’d see a part of you.

  5. Lyza said

    Hello Sefree 😀
    I think it is okay that your magic mirror wish isn’t invented. Because if you own it, and look at it, for me it’s like a shortcut towards finding the real you. And if you know everything about yourself, you won’t be able to go to the sweetest and the bitterest process of learning that makes life worth living. HAHA. And if ever something very terrible happen that stuns you, just move a bit — feel the pain, undergo the pain and beat the pain. After that indulge the tears of joy. HAHA. 😀


  6. tina said

    One of our purpose in life is to “know ourselves”.

    Search deeper. Know thyself… and conquer thyself. 😛

  7. Jigs said

    Good aspirations for a person as young as you. Keep on dreaming, as they always say, for when you stop dreaming, that’s when you lose your spirit.

    BTW, feel free to link me up! I’ll link you too! 🙂

  8. lightning revenant said

    hello there….life’s gonna be okay…its wat i always say…sometimes its good to search things step by step and i guess dat how life goes….its a process….i know teenage life isn’t the easiest…i feel the same thing as you do…..but ders no rush n finding d real you….but its good dat at ur age ur already thinking of things like dis cause wen i was at ur age i never gave any damn thing to dis matter….

    neweiz i still think dat ur d best blog writer yet,technically…considering d fact dat ur just 15,yea ur one hell of a writer…..

  9. Cai said

    eeach person has to gone through with what u have right now..somewhat want to know the real you..but as you go with the flow of your’ll soon realize something about you..its better na hindi mo kaagad nakikilala sarili at a time nga sabi nila, db…and no one ever know kung sino talga sila…clueless…

    for example..a person realize na mabait pala siya..but then dahil sa sobrang galit niya sa isang tao..nagalit nawala ang pagiging mabait ang nakikita na ng tao sa masama na siya…

    everything change..and the only permanent is this world is just have to accept some facts..even if it hurts you or someone else.

    ha?..naintindihan mo poh ba?..basta…you know where to reach me when you need someone to talk to..ok..ingat po..GOd bless..

    by the way, kung ano yung pinagusapan natin sa ym..i’ll keep that…keep that smile…ok..

  10. Iskoo said

    thanks sa pagdaan sa blog ko.

    naalala ko tuloy nung 1st year ako, di rin ako masyadong interesado sa chemistry. balak ko nga sana mag doctor pero paano yun di ko type ang chemistry. tulad mo mas enjoy ako sa physics kaya ayun engineering nalang ang kinuha ko 🙂 cheer up. everything will gonna be fine soon…

  11. Loverboy™ said

    cheer up dude. wag ka sumuko.

  12. _anna said

    nag-eenjoy ka sa AdChem class nyo?

    waw. buti ka pa.

    nawalan ako ng interes sa Chem this year eh… nakakapikon.


    pareho tayo.

    hindi ko pa rin nakikita ang sarili ko. di ko pa rin lubusang nakikilala.

    marami pa akong gustong malaman sa sarili ko.

    at sigurado ako, pati ikaw…

    marami ka pang mga tanong na gustong masagot.

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