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nose bleed

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Nobyembre 17, 2006

I was stupefied at the sight of blood from my classmate’s nose. It was my fault but I didn’t mean it.

We were on our classroom because our Physics teacher had gotten mad at us on the laboratory. It was around half past ten in the morning. I was standing in front. I was mimicking our dance lesson yesterday. I stretched my arms wide open in sudden gush! I bumped my left hand on my classmate’s nose. I was startled. I didn’t know what to do.

“May dugo…” he whispered. I didn’t mean to hurt him. There really was blood! He got his hanky from his pocket and started damping his nose. There really was blood! I was shocked. Everyone was!

I thought that friend of mine would get mad at me because of that. But then, after the blood had taken its rest on his hanky, he was okay.

I will never forget that. It was an accident but then I am now intimidated by it.


20 Tugon to “nose bleed”

  1. abidubi said

    waaahh.. expistaxis!!

  2. Tsina said

    hala! booogshk!!! anyway.. daming pictures 😛

  3. slpendor songster said

    AY!..tsk tsk tsk…oki lng yan…aksidente lng nmn p0 un eh!..lang may gusto non…

  4. Cai said

    ok lang iyon..hindi mo nman sinasadya eh..nagpcheck nb classmate mo sa clinic para matignan…sana ok naman siya..

    o xa..ingat po..keep in touch…

  5. jo said

    noooo! Blood… takot ako sa dugo. Actually, depende. HAha… Ewan. Ang gulo.

    pero okay lang yun… It was an accident afterall…

  6. admin said

    oh nooo. buti nmn at okey na ung clasm8 mung dumugo ang ilongerz. its not ur fault. its accident!

  7. tina said

    wew! accidents happen… and you are not to be blamed by it.

    take care!

  8. Tea said

    least, you’re sorry, man.

  9. moonprincess said

    “God has a purpose for EVERYTHING…” Oh well, it’s not your fault, neither an ACCIDENT… Just think of the Bright side… Hey, good thing he didn’t get angry!?! just kidding! ;P

  10. MARA said

    aksidente lang naman poh. ganyan talaga oki lang po yan

  11. Camille said

    ay. haha. ayos lang yun! hindi naman pala nagalit yun classmate mo eh.

  12. gerarD said

    wuii. thanks s pgvisit s blog. haha. astig blog m dn, may last words pa. \m/

  13. p-a-t-t-y said


    that word kinda shocked me. but after reading your entry, i understand.

    i don’t think it’s your fault. it all happened by accident.

    oh, about the el fili, forget it. you should watch one in CCP. in case there would be one. because the play we’ve watched wasn’t really that good. tho i really heart the novel. 🙂

    hey, link exchange?

  14. marj_sam said

    hmm… lagot ka kay jose….
    ang cute nman nung nasa pic mo…lalo na nung girl na nasa gitna… diba gf un ni sam concepcion???? hehehe…wehhh…. actually si jose kasi di ata naligo that day…. juz kiddin….

    go boy bawang!!!

  15. i-am-super-christie said

    nosebleeding kinda reminds me of a friend of mine.

    you know what, her nose is soooo sensitive that halos everuyday, she gets nosebleed.

    i mean, on the slightest signs of pressure, she bleeds.

    uber-sensitive talaga nose niya. as in. i swear.

    btw, linked you up na pala. ^^

  16. mr. tuesday said

    totoong nose bleed na iyan.. hehe.. sa maksci ay araw araw kami nanonose bleed lalo na kapag nakakarinig ng mga words such as clandestine and inexplicable. mas mapapadali ang iyong pagdurugo kung makikinig ka sa leksyon sa asignaturang calculus

  17. LaNa said

    Sa lahat ng ayaw ko.. dugo.. takot ako dun eh! Kaya bawal ako mag-nurse o doctor eh.. 🙂 anyway.. ok lang yun! di mo naman kasalanan diba? 🙂

  18. Pot said

    Aus lang yan. =)

  19. Billycoy said

    dapat pinasakan mo ng cork o kaya tampons to stop the bleeding

  20. icarus_05 said

    Woot! Akala ko pa naman ung nose bleed na tinutukoy mo eh ung pag salita ng inggles! hehe…

    Awts, wawa naman xa… Buti naman ok na siya ngaun… Ok lng un, di mo naman sinasadya… Lahat tayo nag nose bleed na.. abnormal ang hinde.. hehe.. Blood can be easily accumulated again in just few seconds.. Hehe…

    Accidents happen..

    Daan ka naman sakin! Hehe..

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