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helen of troy

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Nobyembre 20, 2006

We won.

Yes, we won the Helen of Troy competition among the fourth years but don’t expect me to tell a multitude about the play. We won against four other sections (4, 11, 14, 17) who won on the elimination round. As expected by yours truly, who was in fact one of the leaders/directors, the play turned out to be yet another wonderful performance.

The fourth year pilot sections (1, 2, 3) after winning that magnificent contest will be competing with the other year level’s respective winners on Friday. I am expecting everyone’s cooperation and I might as well expect more time to be consumed for the preparation, practice and everything, summing up for disruption of classes.

I am pretty much happy of this victory. I had sensed the spirit of victory as each one of us holler, yelled and screamed after hearing the news that we won.

How I wish we can win again! With God’s help, yes!


6 Tugon to “helen of troy”

  1. jo said


    Galing naman ninyo… hehe… May play din kami pero Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Mas gusto ko ang play niyo. Hehehe…

    Goodluck on your repeat performance this friday!…

  2. Cai said


    Congrats sau and also sa mga kaklase ko..and goodluck din ulit sa inyo sa contestant ninyo this coming friday..

    God bless..

    sana sa nxt post mo..pakita mo kahit kontin pics ng play ninyo..hehe..kung meron lang po…

    sige ingat po…keep smiling…keep in touch..=)

  3. lightning revenant said

    Why welll… Congratulations!!!

    Your the BEST! ahihi 🙂

  4. Pot said


  5. mara said

    waw galing galing! ahaha buti pa kayo may play.. tsk3 kami wala!!

    congrats!! 🙂

  6. gRacE said

    yes.. i’ve seen it last year… kita ko dun c renan…

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