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small coins

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Nobyembre 27, 2006

As I was reading the Philippine Daily Inquirer today, I was stucked on this article about the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas urging Filipinos to circulate small coins. So striking. As I was pacing to the computer shop I always go to, I was thinking of some mantras or even anything to begin this post. I was determined to write something about it.

Decided what unit to use, I waited for this girl who was fixing her things up before leaving that unit. Suddenly, I found a 25-centavo coin beside the keyboard and hurriedly, I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I have read that three to four out of ten Filipinos, as estimated by BSP, disregard the value of small coins such as 5-centavo, 10-centavo, and even the 25-centavo.

So what seems to be the problem? Primarily, it’s because of the intimidation that has been struggling over many of us nowadays. Look at a point in which you see a 5-centavo coin while walking along your street, and then you’ll hear this voice telling you that it is worthless to get the coin. Another thing is that many of us today had a number of small coins but apparently have no intention to use those, for money’s sake!

From now on, I would try my best to appreciate our currency, and particularly, our small coins that have been on the oldies’ list for quite some time.


10 Tugon to “small coins”

  1. lol said

    first to comment again?

    yeah sometimes we forget about the simplest things that made up our bigger aspirations.

    the coin. the little coin. the little dirty coin.

    thousands won’t be thousands without cents.

  2. Anonymous said

    Yeah, money needs to circulated or else we’ll have shortage of it. The leakages(as called in economics) should be balanced by the injections…

  3. marj_sam said

    namumulubi ka na ba? hoy! magiipon pa tau para sa musical ni sam ko!!!

  4. -pAm- said

    naman..hahaha…salamat ha..kamusta naman daw yun.hehehe…^_^

    anyhoo..ako aaminin ko, ayoko ng mga bariya unless they are 5peso or 10peso coins…:)

    but lately..kahit ano pang bariya yan, mahalaga siya ngayon.hehe.

  5. jo said

    guilty!!! hehe…
    hindi ko pinupulot ang barya sa daan kahit kitang kita ko na… hehe… pero kapag nagfoofoodtrip kami ng mga kaibigan ko, ang motto namin “every centavo counts…”
    hahaha… ^^

  6. tina said

    Money’s work is to circulate.. not to be stagnant.. or be saved.

    Let your money work.. trouble is.. most of us keep most of the coins away… and its like they are the kings and queens coz they are not working.. when they are supposed to “circulate” and multiply. While we the people, on the other hand.. work hard for money. *Gah* not good.

    Let your money be your slave.. 😛

  7. tina said

    Not the other way around.

    Naiwan. continuation po ito. 🙂

  8. pao said

    ang hirap kasi magbilang ng barya lalo na yung small cents. mabigat pa sa bulsa or bag, literally. hehe! 😉

  9. Carlo Ang said

    well, when BSP said “circualte the money”, they simply mean that “get those darn coins out of those darn piggybanks”… of course, nothing wrong with keeping a piggy bank, but there’s no sense in keeping a gazillion cans full of 5-cent or even 10-P coins locked in your closet… it’s actually doing more harm than good…

    IMO, having a bank account is way better than coins… or if people don’t like banks, one of those financial savings cooperatives will do nicely…

    also, i love to smoke and i love candy, that’s why i always pick up coins from the street, since every coin counts… hehehe… =)

  10. gRacE said

    and0y???? di ko kilala kung cn0 yung ksama nya.. pero familiar ako sa face nun… lam ko lang, kumakanta yun…

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