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the invisible man

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Nobyembre 28, 2006

Sometimes we wish to be invisible. Now, how i wish i could be one.

Someone who are unseen, someone who is unheard and someone who will be dead as soon the sun shines down on you tomorrow. You may no longer hear me. Yet I will then be unevitable, still chaotic and misabsorbed by the people around me.

Dropped dead.

11 Tugon to “the invisible man”

  1. jo said

    invisible? hmmn…

    to tell you the truth, i had never wished myself to be invisible…

    but i do hope for some people to vanish… ^^

    tc sefree!!! ^^

  2. Camille said

    why do you want to be invisible? problem?

  3. potpot said

    whoa.. hahah.. ako din ayoko maging invisible.. gusto ko nga napapancn ng mga tao ang beauty ko.. haha

  4. AbysmalPoring said

    whew its been a while.. kinidnap ako ng isang kulto at kinulong sa bundok hahaha.. nyways thanks for droppin by my blog =) -josh

  5. Iskoo said

    yung parang si hallowman?

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  10. aLeMaP said

    pngit tlga akoh,,, tnggap koh un…

  11. gRacE said

    pamela usi?

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