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The emergency room.

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Pebrero 28, 2007

Everyone was already prepared for the fancy drill competition among the Fourth Year Special Science classes of Rizal High School. The past days were packed with practices, practices and practices that squeezed every inch of our bodies. Last night, our tiresome rehearsal ended at 9 pm.

Winning is not on our section’s vocabulary; all we want is to finish this for us to focus on other things that are utterly important such as our historical researches and our term papers that are due on Friday. I am right on saying that this is the most crucial week I ever had.

Everything was set when something bad happened to my best friend. I freaked out when the news came to me that he was rushed to a hospital. Something happened! Something terrible happened without my knowing it! Because of what happened, the elimination procedure was postponed. Everybody was frustrated. I, on the other hand, was stupefied by every single thing that was around me including the pressure of my paper works, my obligations, my assignments, etc.

I hurriedly went to the hospital where my best friend was rushed to. I first saw his mother who didn’t know what to do next. She was accompanied by her sister who was trying to calm her but the former couldn’t relax the latter.

A cardiac arrest. I held my breath so slowly, breathing in the acceptance of the bad news that he is in a critical condition. Tears began to stream down my cheeks. He is my best friend, I don’t want to lose him.

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The looking glass.

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Pebrero 27, 2007

Cold air, darkness, and unpredictable havoc covered the moonless night. I found myself stranded on a quiet forest that is apparently abandoned by Mother Nature. In a moment, I came up to the realization that I am lost…

One thing for sure is that one can’t find me on a library browsing Science books. It’s not that I hate Science; matter-of-factly, I loved Physics I when I was on my third year and recently, I am enjoying my Advanced Chemistry class. Though I am not affliated with Science in any way, I want to pursue a dream with its help–a dream that can be considered worthy if given consideration and attention. I am no inventor but I want to create a tool which could help a lot of people experiencing the same problem as mine.

With sparks of magic and morsels of gargantuan amount of effort and patience, time wil come that I would have the blueprint I am perceiving. I’m not after the impressions and marvels of people; all I want is to help myself and to help the people around me alike.

I want to create a mirror–a not-so-ordinary mirror that can show one’s inner self. I have been living my grueling life for fifteen years already, and of all those years, let me confess to you that I still haven’t found myself. The real me is still unknown. A big problem, though, so I thought of inventing the said mirror.

How I wish I could make this magic mirror show a person’s true identity. How I wish this could reveal the real personality of one’s self. If only I can look through this magic mirror now and then to put an end on my doubts and fears that have been keeping me caged inside the angst-ridden forest.

I want to get out.

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Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Pebrero 26, 2007

PREVIOUSLY: Wetted teardrops.

I cannot deny the truth that I long for something to fill the void inside me. As I have said, I am a snobbish girl who consider enemies as enemies and treat friends as friends alike. I do not declare the emptiness I have to the people around me especially to those who merely judge me without hearing the words that come out of my mouth. I have no one to consider as my best friend. Nobody takes me as theirs too. I don’t care. It’s a silly thing for me. Call me vain or anything. That’s the truth I always uphold.

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Wetted teardrops.

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Pebrero 25, 2007

PREVIOUSLY: The umbrella.

As I was walking along the corridors, I suddenly noticed this girl, sitting on a bench, crying, alone. With my inept talent of explaining why things go, I don’t know what made me approach her.

The sunset’s grandeur leaped unto her burden as I advanced. As she looked to see who was coming, I swiftly realized that she is a friend of mine. I sat beside her; as I was about to ask why was she crying, she hugged me.

In a while, she told me that she found out that her boyfriend had been with another girl; thus, she had insisted a break-up with his week-old boyfriend. It was a tough job for her since she really loves the guy. For seven days, she gave herself to him, she apparently showed him how much she loves him. But in that circumstance, it was truly painful to admit that she was fooled.

With this situation, it came up to my mind that you could not be so sure in all of your decisions in life. In her case, she had dreamt to be with her boyfriend for a very long time, and when the moment came that he started to court her, she was very happy. She didn’t considered the fact that he had so many ex-girlfriends and perhaps one time she could be the next. He was believed to be collecting girls, someone who could be considered as one who plays young girls’ heart. She believed that she’s his only one, that he loves her so much more than anything else, but everything was falsehood. She wasn’t sure with her decision for the reason that she was just taunted by her inapt feeling.

She regretted a lot since then. She became conscious that she deserves someone else, someone better, someone who’ll take care of her, someone who’ll be there for her always, someone who’ll love her with all his heart…

Going forward does not necessarily mean that you are brave; oftentimes you need to be idle in your life to ponder first what your next step would be. Ask yourself what your goal is, what you want to achieve, and how you could acquire what you desire.

Moreover, who told you that you could not step backward? If it is needed, step backward, there’s no harm in doing that. Anyway, you’d still be able to reach the pinnacle. Taking a step backward doesn’t mean that you are cowardly, it merely means that you just want to be sure. However, your next step would be a big one because of your plans in life, and because of being brave to take the risk.

Learn by heart, it pays a lot to wait!

With small fast steps, I intended to leave her and scurried back to my classroom. By the way, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Denilla.

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