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My First Kiss 1.

Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Pebrero 3, 2007

(First of Two Parts)

The newly arrived passengers of the airplane hurriedly surged on different directions to approach the people waiting for them. Others, however, are weeping as they bid farewell to their loved ones who are going abroad. I am one of those who were lamenting—weeping because he’s leaving. I accompanied him here; the only difference is that he must not see me.

Bryan still looked like the same—he has the height of a basketball player, refining face and conspicuous stance. Passengers for flight 812 bound to California, USA… The lines amplified to my ears like thunder and made me deaf for a moment. It’s time for his departure. He’s running off here in Davao. It’s time…

It all started when we had a class party a week after Bryan’s graduation. All must have a date. I am one of those who had no partner so my friends tried to find me one. But none of them acquired my heart. My mom suggested Bryan as my “date” for as she had said, he is the best guy apt for me, and we just have two years difference in age. I opposed her.

“If not Bryan, no party. You’ll not go otherwise! You’re just a second year student, Jen. You’re just fourteen. You’re too young to have a date, unless you pick Bryan.”

I swiftly phoned Bryan and I told him that my mom had wanted him to accompany me on the said party. On that very night, Bryan fetched me early and so we were early to arrive at the resort. He told me to enjoy the party since it is my first.

“Why did you agree to be my date?” I asked him while observing his obvious smirk.

“I can’t say no to your Mom, Jen.”

Dance. A famous love song filled the atmosphere. The boys appeared to have spur-of-the-moment package seeing that they had gotten girls to dance with. No one will ask me, no one, I assumed myself. Suddenly, Bryan gave out his hand and asked me to dance. I was totally surprised. I had a hard time on standing up and going on the center of the dance area.

“Just think that this night is a magical one. Imagine there’s magic. Consider me as your prince charming,” he said.

I smiled. I always consider you one, Bryan, I thought. “And consider me as your girlfriend,” I said. “What, I don’t have a girlfriend, Jen! Don’t talk like that,” he assumed. I felt his warm body principally when he put his right hand around my waist which made him closer to me.

I cannot deny that feeling for him. As we moved closer to each other, I realized how much I love him.

To be continued…


41 Tugon to “My First Kiss 1.”

  1. matsocampo said

    I love MAGICS!!!
    Sparks… 😉

  2. MATS.
    yeah. magic.

  3. matsocampo said


  4. MATS.
    ano naman yan??

  5. matsocampo said

    Nang umibig si Jen…

  6. MATS.
    haha. ewan ko lang kung may magbabasa niyan. ilalabas ko bukas nang parehong oras ang karugtong. sandali lang naman yang kuwentong yan e. simple lang ang gusto kong sabihin.

  7. matsocampo said

    Iba ang Tamis ng Unang Halik?

    Wahaha! Juz kidding…

  8. MATS.
    nababaliw ka na ba talaga? ako dapat ang adeek diba?

  9. matsocampo said

    Hahaha! Masarap lamang gunitain ang mga nakaraan…

  10. MATS.
    malay mo nakaraan mo pala to. teka ano ba talaga ang impression mo dito sa first part. sabihin mo naman wah!

  11. rhodora said

    First kiss? It’s awkward, but sweet!
    Nice blog!

  12. RHODORA.
    awkward?? i don’t think so. the story has its second part that will be out tomorrow. same time.
    thanks for the visit!

  13. matsocampo said

    Kapana-panabik sya Jonell… I can’t wait to read the 2nd part…

  14. MATS.
    wala namang nakakapanabik diyan eh.. hehehe. ui.. abangan mo na lang bukas yung karugtong. same time talaga.

  15. matsocampo said

    Hehehe… Hopeless Romantic kasi ako…
    Yeah, same time, pinapatay na ko dito…
    Hahaha! Jowk… 😉

  16. MATS.
    no joke. bukas nga same time…
    anong pinapatay??

  17. Ito ang theme song ng Atlantika:

    Konte Varka

    Asterise konte varka
    Imle ante tronta makka
    Sonte velte imlo remne
    Asterige mirre konte

    Rendo commez urg
    Sendere vokko terres
    Revvo shondere vokko torre
    Imne neshende

  18. gplay said

    ^haha. bakit me atlantika bigla?

    …love stories rules. At first I thought it’s something about OFW’s. haha. 😛

  19. ..kabitin naman..
    ..part two please..

    ..bakit gurl ang gsto mong character eh guy ka..

    ,,ehehehe..(maki-alam daw ba..??)

    ..pero ang ganda nyah ah..

    ..mukang inlove ka naman..


  20. Rainne said

    waaa…! nakakabitin naman..! kinikilg na ako…!

  21. lhei said

    true to life po ba yan or you made it?..

  22. awww. i could still remember my first kiss, it was back in kinder. lolx.

    you’re a greay writer. you could actually make a novel 🙂 take care. 🙂

  23. annamanila said

    Hi there Jen. (Now, I got it right ha, di pala Jon). Enjoy your firsts! Ang dami pang darating na fever of firsts.

    Nice place you have here .. tho medyo madilim, and I have to squint. 🙂 Actually, dropped by to tell you i tagged you for the meme on ‘page 123.’

  24. aCey said

    hey, you write well! can’t wait for the 2nd part. ^_^

  25. alyssa said

    kakakilig naman!!! first kiss. tsk. 🙂 di na ko makapaghintay sa kasunod. 😀

  26. GERALD.
    i suppose you thought it was something about ofw’s because of the first paragraph. yes, this is a love story… oo nga.

  27. SHELLA.
    i’m not in love. i am not. honest!
    dahil sa demand ng mga readers, napag-isipan kong agahan ang pagpost ng second part nito.
    inuulit ko, i am not in love.

  28. RAINNE.
    hi! paano mo ako nakilala? i think i don’t know you e. salamat sa pagbisita!

  29. LHEI.
    true to life nga kaya o katha lamang? it’s up to you to decide..

  30. SHALLY.
    i really want to write one.. pero parang di ko kaya. bangag na naman ako… hehehe.

  31. ANNA.
    oops.. i am not jen. but then i got your pun. thanks for reading and for linking me on your blog! i appreciate it so much.

  32. ACEY.
    that’s a compliment for me!

  33. ALYSSA.
    uiii… binasa niya. salamat! abangan na lang ang kasunod.

  34. bakit sobra kng mag-react..

    ..geh na nga d ka inlove..!!
    ..sabi mu pu eh..


  35. ..ay d pa pwedeng mag-comment sa part 2..

    ..shockings naman..!!!


  36. ..ay pede na pala..!!!



  37. SHELLA.
    hindi nga ako sabi in love. ayaw maniwala e no?

  38. niniwula na nga po ako eh..

    ..sabi mu eh…=D

  39. andami naman dito.

  40. I can’t stop to think about her perhaps for the reason that I tought once I would never see her again. I was crushed for a lot of months afterwards and never asked her out again. With one exception that is on that particular period, I saw her one moment at the airport and she doesn’t go out of my mind. Now I find out that my truck would not start or my auto cheat code grand psp theft need to be repaired . But that doesn’t change the fact that I miss the feeling of intimacy with her, of knowing her in a different way, as you are, with your mistakes as well as your perfection. That you believe it or not I was really in love with you. You are extra ordinary. I just don’t know when to stop loving you and when I fall hard, I really fall hard.

  41. ano yun..

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